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Alexandra Figares

Senate introduces memorial resolutions to commemorate students who passed

FGCU’s Student Government senate meeting took on a somber tone on Tuesday, March 14 as senators introduced nine Memorial Resolutions to honor students who have passed this school year. The memorial resolutions pay respects to Paulina Derengowski, Ryan Wendler, Alejandro “Alex” Diaz, Sebastian George Ramos, Nadia Anderson, Ian Davis, Rebeca Olivera, Michael Bizub and Kaaren Toutant. Senate President Jason Finan said the memorial resolutions commemorate the students by displaying papers across campus describing individuals by name, date of birth and date of passing. According to Finan, the resolution honors those students who have passed within the last year. “For...

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UPD will now enforce traffic laws for bicyclists and pedestrians after receiving grant

Beginning March 11 through May 15, the FGCU Police Department will enforce traffic laws on vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists following a grant for High Visibility Enforcement for pedestrian and bicycle safety. Officers will conduct education and enforcement efforts for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists on university grounds and on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway, issuing warnings, citations and education brochures. UPD officer Sean Myles Kittleson applied for the grant provided through the University of South Florida in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation as a response to Lee County’s number one rank in most dangerous roads in the state. “This...

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Former SG senator is sole independent candidate

Three names will appear on the ballot for Student Government treasurer for the 2017-18 school year. Two of them will claim either the FGCU Eagle Pride Party or the FGCU Fusion Party, and one will remain independent. Business management major Will Buno will run against candidates Jason Finan from the Eagle Pride Party and Jamar Powell from the Fusion Party for SG treasurer. “I wanted to run for myself with my own platform to switch it up,” Buno said. “It’s almost as if they [student government] are passing the torch. President Thieldens Elneus’s Vice President, Emmalyn Green, is running...

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SG vice presidential candidates discuss platforms

Political science and communication major Antonia Jacobse is running against secondary education major Maddie Quinn for the role of student body vice president for the 2017-18 school year. Quinn, who is running under the Eagle Pride Party, introduced her candidacy under the platform PRIDE, which stands for Progression, Representation, Information, Diversity and Empowerment. “I believe that the creative and innovative ideas that are outlined in our platform will ensure we’re utilizing the resources that we have to their maximum capacity,” Quinn said.  “We want to benefit the student body without making unrealistic promises or setting vague goals.” Jacobse is...

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Photo stations appear on campus in honor of 20th anniversary

Walking toward Lutgert Hall, students and faculty may notice one of several mysterious photo stations strewn across the university with a plaque that reads “FGCU at 20”. The photo stations appeared around the same time as FGCU’s first homecoming week and promote FGCU’s 20th anniversary celebration. James Greco, Graphic Artist and Marketing Coordinator at FGCU, is responsible for creating the photo stations strewn across campus. The eleven photo stations were conceived when Greco noticed locations he naturally gravitated to when photographing for FGCU’s official Instagram page. Lighting and composition were contributing factors to choosing the locations, as well as...

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FGCU students gather to protest Trump’s immigration policies

Chanting echoed throughout FGCU’s main campus when nearly 50 students marched in protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies early Friday morning. “No ban, no wall, immigrants we welcome all” echoed, as students, faculty and community members marched in solidarity from Lutgert Hall to the Cohen Center where they held a one-hour sit-in in the cafeteria. Cheering mixed with sneers greeted the protestors. While some students clapped, others shouted “Go Trump!” and a few gave a Nazi-like salute. Farshad Aminian-Tankei, the associate professor of media studies for philosophy and communications, joined the protest to express his concerns on Trump’s...

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How two FGCU freshman turned an idea into a business

When someone posted “Five bucks, who wants to do my laundry?” on a student Facebook group, two FGCU freshmen got the idea to start a cleaning business. Scrub-a-dub Dorm is the brainchild of freshmen Courtney Vijil and Brooke VanderVere, who, like many college students, wanted to make a little extra money. Together, Vijil and VanderVere created a cleaning service aimed toward college students, catering to their notoriously busy schedules, seven days a week. “A lot of people post things on the FGCU’s Class of 2020 Facebook group like, ‘Five bucks, who wants to do my laundry?’ so we decided...

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Search committee advances 10 candidates for president position

Ten candidates have been selected by FGCU’s Presidential Search Advisory Committee to advance in next week’s interview process in pursuit of President Wilson Bradshaw’s replacement. The PSAC held a meeting Monday, Feb. 6 in the Cohen Center where candidates were selected for on campus interviews. The 10 candidates include Ira Blake, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Kelli McCormack Brown, interim president at Valdosta State University; Michael Martin, chancellor emeritus and senior fellow at Colorado State University System. Susan Martin, president emeritus and professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University also made...

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FGCU initiates its first official Homecoming Week with ‘Make Your Mark Monday’

“Make Your Mark Monday” kicked off FGCU’s first official homecoming week event in the form of Olympic-style games and student organization tabling. The event, hosted on the library lawn Monday, Feb. 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., introduced interactive and engaging activities with opportunities for students to take home prizes and memories. The even included a bounce house obstacle course that allowed students to challenge their friends for prizes. Those who defeated their opponent through bouncy tunnels and slides could choose between FGCU Homecoming T-shirts or a mini eagle trophy. Two caricature artists created impressions of students with...

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South African wildlife veterinarian speaks at FGCU

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most endangered animals suffering in silence. President of the Pre-Vet Society, Amber Elalem, organized a guest lecture with renowned wildlife veterinarian and zoologist, Dr. James Roxburgh, on Tuesday, Jan. 31 with the purpose of educating the public on wildlife conservation and providing insight on the life of a wildlife veterinarian. Roxburgh, a native from South Africa, specializes in the veterinary care of all wildlife species from squirrels to elephants and focuses on the re-location and conservation of wildlife in Africa. South Africa is the forefront of wildlife conservation in the...

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