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Andrew Hsiao

South Korea’s president was removed: What’s going to happen now?

The removal of South Korean President Park Geun-hye is a turning point in South Korean politics, but it represents an interesting dilemma in terms of geopolitical interests in the region. She was impeached and removed over various corruption charges. Corruption has always occurred in politics regardless of time and location. The country has had many dictators, including Geun-hye’s father. The most well known, though, was Syngman Rhee, a key ally for the United States and the United Nations when he led the country during the Korean War (1950- 1953). Geun-hye’s removal shows that the democratic process works within a...

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A defense of Trump’s revised travel ban

President Donald Trump’s revisions to his original travel ban in his new executive order are both absolutely necessary and legally sound. First, lets get this clear: this is still not a Muslim ban. The executive order does not ban Muslims from immigrating to the country. Visas will not be issued to six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, and only Iran is among the top ten countries with the largest Muslim population. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are not banned from immigrating or simply just traveling to the United States. To put the numbers in perspective, Indonesia...

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