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Antoniette Meyer

FGCU’s tobacco ban hasn’t stopped student smokers

The tobacco ban at FGCU has not stopped students from smoking on campus. FGCU became a tobacco-free campus starting in summer 2016.  Since then, UPD has issued verbal and written warnings to students smoking on campus behind academic buildings, housing buildings and in parking garages. Since January 2017, UPD has issued 25 warnings to FGCU students and guests who are non-students for tobacco use on campus. Professors and other university staff have called in multiple incidents of students smoking on campus to UPD. “Dozens of students are smoking behind Reed Hall every day and making a huge mess. I...

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FGCU is losing its alligator population

FGCU is losing its alligator population because people are feeding the alligators. Phillip Allman, FGCU professor of vertebrate zoology, said that FGCU used to have a lot of big alligators on campus. Allman said that feeding campus alligators has been going on for a long time, and he has noticed this since he began teaching at FGCU 10 years ago. He feels that because of this, FGCU has lost most of the bigger alligators. “If you are walking somewhere and notice someone handing you free food, then maybe it is worth trying a second time when you are hungry...

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