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Brian Withrow

2016 Apple Conference unveils new iPhone 7, Apple Watch, big updates

The iPhone 7, Apple Watch series 2, and AirPods were the highlighted points of the September 2016 conference. The new iPhone 7 adds improvements to brightness quality, camera functionality and waterproof capabilities. New designs include the double camera, black and jet black finishes and a new home button. The new power chip promises to be twice as fast as the iPhone 6, and the longest battery life on an iPhone yet. The natural speakers on the iPhone 7 are now stereo, and twice as loud as the iPhone 6. You can still use earpods with a lightning connector, but...

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Instagram releases new zoom feature for pictures and videos

A new iOS update rolls around, and Instagram has another feature to show for it. As of this newest update, Instagram allows its users to “pinch” pictures and zoom in. The feature is accessible not only on photos, but videos as well. Instagram states that the feature will be accessible from all points of the app, whether it be a picture on the user’s feed, a profile picture, or a picture found on explore. The zoom feature is done by placing two fingers together, and spreading them away from one another to expand the photo. Android versions of this...

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Google introduces new ‘Duo’ app

FaceTime, in its mass popularity, has always been a favorite app of Apple products that Google had not paralleled in its own apps. As of recently, however, Google has produced Google Duo, an app similar to FaceTime with very simple and to-the-point characteristics. The app does not require a Google account to activate but rather mandates your phone number and permission to your contacts instead Duo’s home screen includes a face cam, video call button and settings tab. The video call feature allows you to call anyone who also has the app or invite anyone in your contacts to download the app as well. Google Duo also...

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Eagle eSports competes in Tespa Overwatch Summer Series tournament

Overwatch is a multi-player first person shooter game produced by Blizzard, and it has been rising in popularity since its release. Overwatch differs from most multiplayer shooters by offering a wide selection of colorful characters with different abilities, making a plentiful amount of different team combinations possible for every different game. On FGCU’s campus, there is a team of nine players ready to compete as the Eagle eSports team. The games that the Eagle team will be participating in will include six players per team, and the players will be able to switch between their characters during their death...

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