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Bruno Halpern

Meditation: the science and the spiritual

Everything you know about meditation is either wrong or misunderstood. This is because meditation is, purposefully, a counterintuitive exercise. Its main objective is to dissolve the illusion matter and reach enlightenment. I think everyone has at least a mild curiosity about meditation. It sounds cool and people say it’s great for your body and mind. But it’s not so common to find someone that actively practices it. Some people avoid it because of religious reasons, since meditation has Hindu roots. But to those I ask if praying is exclusively Christian? Of course, it isn’t, right? And would you say...

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Preconceived reality How our limited perception of the world can lead us astray

A pessimistic notion of the current state of the world dominates the perception of many people, everywhere. The media is partly to blame since it highlights, naturally, the extraordinary. And usually the extraordinary encompasses events that impact people’s lives negatively. Irma is an example that comes to mind, of course. It’s not to say that this focus on the negative is necessarily a bad thing. I was able to evacuate from Hurricane Irma almost a week early because of the alarming news. Even if, at the end of the day, the clamor was exaggerated, I would have been thankful for the warnings anyway.  But what if I told you I can prove, using data and a simple history lesson, that the world has never seen better days? Maybe not in regard to the climate (due to climate change), but everything else is likely better than it ever was.  A common hurdle preventing this realization is nostalgia. Nostalgia is a curious thing. Sometimes we feel nostalgic for things we’ve never experienced ourselves. This pervades our experience of the world and, in a way, contaminates our present understanding of it. It’s unrealistic to wish for a specific reality to be brought back since all the variables that allowed that reality to exist can’t exist in the same way again, but the desire to relive it persists. The circumstances that resulted in the blossoming of a particular scenario in the microcosm of our lives or the macrocosm of our society can’t be...

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Edison Mall renovation is a smart move

Edison Mall started a $4 million renovation project that includes changes to the concourse and will add a new cut-through in the center of the mall, near the Victoria’s Secret store. This cut-through will connect one of the busiest areas of the mall to the corridor that leads to Dillard’s, which is a considerably less busy area. “We are continuously looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience for our guests and this investment demonstrates our commitment to the community,” said Ruben Irizarry, general manager of Edison Mall, to Florida Weekly. Edison Mall will share more details on new...

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United Airlines drags in customer service

When most people think of the dangers or the risks of traveling by plane, they usually think of technical issues that might make the plane fall to the ground, or perhaps a terrorist attack or even if their luggage will arrive unscathed to their destination. However, I am pretty sure that people thought that being manhandled out of an airplane would not be in their list of possible traveling mishaps. However, United Airlines showed the world that that’s a possiblity when they allow airport security to forcibly drag a customer, David Dao, out of his seat and through the...

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Steve Bannon made the alt-right movement feel welcome

spicion that Steve Bannon, President Trump’s Chief Strategist, is the one behind many policies that the president is trying to enact. People are concerned that Bannon’s influence over these policies hold him in a higher position, virtually making him the actual president of the country I’ve read many opinions based both on hard facts and on pure, irrational fear. However, despite having formed my own opinion, I couldn’t write a satisfactory article on Bannon because I felt a bit overwhelmed by the notion of a man like Bannon in a position of power. This uncomfortable sensation of being overwhelmed...

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‘Alternative Facts’ is an alternate name for lies

The war of facts has begun. The Trump administration is picking a dangerous fight, because, even though facts can be made alternative, they are still facts. Just like Karma, eventually lies will come back to get you. Trump can censor climate change, but that won’t stop the climate from changing. The only places where you can create an alternative reality, other than in videogames, are in countries run by dictators. I’m not exaggerating when I say this war on facts can end up in a quasi-dictatorship. Just because it’s never happened in America, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The two...

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‘Overwatch’ takes top spot at The Game Awards

The Game Awards, the Oscars of video games, was held last Thursday, Dec. 1, in Los Angeles. The event was live streamed online across various platforms including, but not limited to, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Live and Twitch. It was also the first time a live event was streamed through VR technology. The award show began with acclaimed game designer Hideo Kojima receiving the Industry Icon Award. Last year, Kojima was unable to attend the Game Awards due to his unceremonious departure from publisher Konami. “Last year I thought I lost everything, but I didn’t lose anything thanks to all...

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Nintendo switching focus

A few weeks ago, the Nintendo Switch was finally presented to the world. Like any new product, it was shrouded in secrecy. There was a lot of speculation about what it was and, most importantly, what would be Nintendo’s focus in the next generation of videogame consoles. The Nintendo Switch is a combination of a handheld and a home console. It features a tablet with a six-inch screen that the player can take anywhere and detachable controllers that attach to the its sides. The Switch becomes a home console when the tablet is put into a dock. When docked,...

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A look at the Weigh the Waste project

Jessica Phillips, 30, is an FGCU alumna. When she majored in environmental science, she took the colloquium course,, as all students are required to. However, unlike the vast majority of students, Phillips returned to school, this time as an instructor of that very same class, which she has been teaching for two and a half years. Phillips has organized her colloquium class around Weigh the Waste, a project designed to make students aware of how much food is wasted. Throughout the semester, they have a unique opportunity to measure the food discarded at SoVi. The main goal is to...

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On being a citizen and the importance of voting

Sometimes, I get frustrated with the world, and with how important issues are neglected and unimportant ones get all the attention. I repeatedly get frustrated with how we treat each other, as if we can only lend our ears and hands if it’s for our advantage, or our availability, or our interest. It’s easy to be disillusioned. It’s easy to be cynical. We more often than not believe that the world has never been in such a dark place. One thing I’ve heard from everyone that I’ve talked to this semester is how disgusted, annoyed and disappointed they are...

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