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Deanna Simmons

Nebula in a jar is a great stress reliever

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, it’s crunch time, and with finals coming up, stress is imminent. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to relieve stress that aren’t going to cost you a fortune. D.I.Y nebula in a Jar, or a “calm down jar,” is an easy and popular craft that you might have seen on Tumblr or Pinterest. You’ll need a jar, some glitter, water, cotton balls and paint. For a nebula in a jar, you might want to go with silver, blue and light purple glitter. However, you can choose whichever kind you’d like if...

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Summer Decor

Summer decorations can sometimes seem blase and over-used. This summer, leave behind the expected and use these easy and affordable D.I.Y. room decorations to keep the spirit of summer with you whether you’re at the beach or studying in your dorm. The first cool piece you can do is a phases of the moon wall hanging. Start with some white clay and rub it in your hands to get it moldable. You can buy clay at Walmart, and it’s usually pretty cheap. Next you can mold in black clay along with the white to give it the look you...

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Revamp your old school supplies

Sometimes, trying to find something that really fits your style can be tough. This is especially true when it comes to school supplies. The generic primary colors sometimes don’t match a theme you’re going for, and most designed products are made for children. If you’ve wanted to come up with something that fits your style to make your studying a little more fun, here are some tips and tricks to make things brighter. For this first one, you’ll need a binder and a printer. Minimalist designs work best for this, but you can pick whatever you’d like. Type out...

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Cheap April Fool’s pranks that won’t break your bank or your friendships

April Fool’s Day is known for good-spirited jokes and pranks between friends, family members and even colleagues. However, sometimes good-spirited can turn into cold-hearted, and a prank’s friendly nature can easily backfire. So here are some harmless April Fool’s Day pranks that won’t break the bank or leave you without friends. The “Dripping Cup” prank should be  familiar to seasoned pranksters, but there are some who may not know about its simplistic brilliance. Take a pin and poke a few holes in a plastic cup. The victim of the prank will have a hard time figuring out why the...

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Kick off your summer festival schedule with Miami Music Week

From March 21 to 26, Miami kicks off its summer of music festivals with Miami Music Week with events all over the city. Many artists will be in attendance, ranging from well-known artists like Steve Aoki to local and lesser-known artists like Miami DJ Carlos Frasser. There will be a number of featured events throughout the week like the Axtone Miami Pool party on March 22 and the Stereo Yacht party, and the Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park on March 23 and 24 respectively. On March 21, the week kicks off with different events at various nightclubs across...

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DIY ‘mocktails’ add alcohol free fun

Mocktails have become a new party trend for people who appreciate unique flavors and want to avoid the next-morning penalties that come from a night of drinking. Try this new trend with the recipes below. The first mocktail is the Dark Invader. Just like the name, it’s a dark purple drink that sounds a lot like Darth Vader. Gather eleven blackberries, one and a half ounces of pineapple juice, one half ounce of vanilla syrup and ice. Then, combine one cup of sugar and one cup of water in a small saucepan and bring it over medium heat until...

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‘Foreigner’ perfectly blends drama and comedy

I had the opportunity to head over to the FGCU’s own TheatreLab at the Arts Complex on Friday, Feb. 17 and watch “The Foreigner,” a two-act play written by Larry Shue and directed by Greg Longenhagen. The play, set in the “recent past” in a fishing lodge resort in Georgia, is about a shy man named Charlie Baker who proofreads science fiction magazines, is borderline depressed because his wife is deathly ill and fated to live only six more months. Knowing about Charlie’s fear of conversing with strangers and about Charlie’s self-depreciating view of himself being boring and lacking...

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Tasty Treats for Your Super Bowl Eats

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy the Super Bowl. Whether you’re a Patriots or Falcons fan there is one thing that unites us all together: food. The Super Bowl parties that you always see on television aren’t that far from the truth if you have the right food. So take a seat and chat with friends or watch the game over these fantastic and mouthwatering treats. Spicy dijon french fries are a perfect start to the big game. This snack goes great with a side of ketchup. But if ketchup isn’t your thing, substitute it...

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Books-to-movies in 2017

Our favorite books allow us to escape from the daily grind of life and sink into a fantastical reality that only ink on pages can provide. We’ve all imagined the heroines and heros of choice novels coming to life page by page, playing out like movies  on a screen. When book-to-movie adaptations come around, readers rush to the theaters to see how directors, screenwriters and producers come together to replicate the books of the time. Some do books justice, while others leave readers with the infamous saying, “The book was better than the movie.” These are some book-to-movie plot...

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Spring into a cleaner new year

Spring is here, and with the new season comes the phrase you’ve probably heard a parent or relative say, “spring cleaning.” Christmas passes, and as the new year approaches, junk seems to pop up as it is accumulated over the months. Extra wrapping paper, decorations and that box that still hasn’t been unpacked since you moved into your dorm this semester pile up until there is no other option but to get cleaning. While spring semester does bring a lot of work and worry, consider the idea that spring cleaning may help relieve stress. According to Shape Magazine, cleaning...

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