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Edward Thinger

O’Reilly brings the harassment factor

The recent ouster of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News due to multiple claims of sexual assault was a shock to the world of television. Fox News’ brazen star was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing women in the workplace for years, and many of these horrifying stories have begun to leak out to the rest of the media in the time that O’Reilly has been red. These distressing stories are reminders that women in the workplace are not always able to come out and talk bluntly about sexual assault and harassment for fear of their jobs and their lives....

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President Trump’s international offensives hurt Americans

The recent attacks by the United States might just work in favor of the Trump administration as the recent attacks on Syria might benefit the White House. These attacks have angered Russia and provoked North Korea, but the view of the attacks in the United States are a little more positive as the attacks have once again alienated Russia. Calls in the U.S. for Donald Trump to be more hostile toward Russia have finally been heard, as using 59 Tomahawk missiles to attack Bashar al-Assad’s  airbase in Syria made the Russians irate. President Trump claimed this attack was done...

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