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Jaynie Tice

Naples Art Association seeks volunteers for Art in the Park

College students all have at least one thing in common: the need for service learning hours. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you most likely have heard about the Food Forest, or the hours you get from taking colloquium, but how many hours can you do here at FGCU before you want to try something a little farther from campus? “I volunteer because I believe in the importance of the Naples Art Association’s educational programs for children and adults” Terry Moore, an NAA volunteer, said, “as well as its efforts to promote and enhance valuing and appreciating visual...

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FGCU freshman learns ways to become more involved and still pass exams

She sat patiently in the shade next to Starbucks with her longboard sitting propped up against the table. The bottom of the board read, “Sector Nine” with waves and palm trees surrounding the bright orange and yellow lettering. Her eyes matched the coastal-green of the palm trees. They told a story of someone wise beyond her years. Sydney Thabet is finishing up her freshman year. “I’ve gone through a lot of hard times that have made me have to grow up, and my mindset has changed a lot,” Thabet said. “I’m able to be more objective with the way...

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Two FGCU students reflect on their lives as young mothers

We were sitting on the couch cooing at the baby, smiles spread over both of our faces, when, all of a sudden, she felt something warm on her leg. Bryson had pooped. And, it came right out of his diaper and onto her pants. “Babe,” Kiera Mariconda said, “can you please take him?” Logan Harper, Bryson’s father, came over from where he was sitting and doing his homework to change the baby’s diaper. I jumped over the stuffed elephant on the floor and ran to get a paper towel from the kitchen for her. “This is what it’s like...

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‘Listen, the City is Breathing’ exhibit opens at FGCU ArtLab Gallery

The room is silent, but if you close your eyes you can almost hear it breathing. Andres Martinez Jr. is an artist from Miami. Martinez currently has an exhibit on campus at the ArtLab Gallery, located on the west end of the library. His exhibit captures the essence of the city — Miami. The exhibit is called “Escuchala la Ciudad Respirando,” which translates to “Listen, the City is Breathing.” The opening reception was held March 31, and the exhibit will be available through April 28. The title for the exhibit sets you up for the hauntingly realistic sculptures in...

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Hooping around: Dance that works out the body, heals the mind

Her cheeks were flushed bright pink and her smile spread like the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland.” But, her eyes were focused as she tried to keep the hoop spinning steadily on her hand. The bright pink, green and yellow LED lights created trails of color with every swish of the plastic circle. Alex Dalton, a 21-year-old junior at FGCU, is brand-new to the hoop community. People from all over the country and various other parts of the world are expressing themselves through hoop dancing. Hoops come in all sizes and colors. Most but not all hoopers use...

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Students weigh in on the role of marijuana in their lives

*Source name has been changed to protect identity. They sit around a cluttered coffee table, in an otherwise tidy home. On top of the table is a stack of textbooks and notebooks as well as an 18-inch glass bong and assorted lighters. Mary* is a hospitality and resort management student at FGCU. She is also a habitual user of marijuana. “I wake up; I do my normal things, and then, I will smoke,” Mary said. Marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida. The only exception is the Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act, which allows certain strains of the...

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