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Jesse Martin

‘Born in China’ shows the emotional side of wildlife

Disneynature released a nature documentary, “Born in China,” a day before Earth Day, Friday, April 21. According to Disney, for every person that goes to see “Born in China” during the opening week (April 21-27), Disneynature will donate 20 cents for every ticket sold to the World Wildlife Fund. The film follows female snow-leopard Dawa and her cubs; a male golden snub-nosed monkey, Tao Tao, a female giant panda, YaYa and YaYa’s daughter Mei Mei. The documentary focuses mainly on the animals aspect of family. There are many heartwarming and tear-jerking moments that will tug on the viewer’s heart-strings....

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J.Cole goes on a humanitarian journey in HBO special

Rapper J. Cole released and directed a one hour documentary on HBO, titled “4 Your Eyez Only,” on April 15. The documentary has the same title as J. Cole’s fourth studio album, released on Dec. 9, 2016, yet it does not tell the same story. The album told a story from the perspective of Cole’s childhood friend, James McMillan. McMillan is a man who has known nothing but a life of crime until his daughter is born. She turns his life around as he begins to think about how he’s lived his life and how society let him fall...

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Float tanks gain popularity as alternative medicine

Sensory deprivation tanks, more commonly known as “float tanks,” offer alternative approaches to improve mental and physical health. Float tanks are light less, soundproof tanks filled with Epsom salt water. The water is set at skin temperature and the individual can float effortlessly. There are two float tank therapy locations near FGCU, The Float & Flourish Center in Bonita Springs and Cloud9 Float and Spa. The Float & Flourish Center serves as almost a modernized day spa, with services including float therapy, oxygen bar and infrared sauna therapy. Cloud9 Float and Spa is located in Naples and offers the...

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Mysterious trailer released for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

“Breathe. Just breathe.” These are the first words spoken in the new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” official teaser trailer released Friday, April 14. The trailer shows all the actors from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” reprising their original roles. Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn and Poe all appear in the teaser. Only shadows of Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hamill) are shown. His face is never revealed. The film seems to be keeping the most anticipated character return a surprise. In the trailer, Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) talks about the light and dark side of “the force,” potentially...

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Musicians on a mission: Three Oaks

FGCU students Nicholas Michel and Nicholas Iwaniec made a hip-hop EP to help raise funds for an orphanage in Haiti called Village of Hope. Michel, who is a staff writer with Eagle News, and Iwaniec, both studying journalism at FGCU, made the EP “The Rock and Soul EP” earlier in 2017. Their hip-hop duo is called Three Oaks. “I have an extreme love for music,” Michel said. “My dad got me into music. He use to work at radio stations, and my brother used to do online rap battles. So, family and the movie ‘8-Mile’ is the main reason...

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‘Amerikkkan Bad A$$’ is full of laidback beats, heavy-hitting lyrics

Hip-hop artist, Joey Bada$$, released his second studio album, “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” Friday, April 7. Joey delivered a fantastic project on a day when most hip-hop fans outraged due to the one-week pushback on Kendrick Lamar’s album. Amazingly, just 22 years old, Joey shows ability well beyond his years with great flow and lyricism. Joey seems to have found the perfect sounds for his type of music with vocals that are smoother than ever before. “All-Amerikkan Bada$$” has a light, laidback production throughout the entire project. His lead single “Devastated,” released almost a full year before the project, is a...

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Apollo Fresh brings a unique twist to mainstream rap

Apollo Fresh brings a trap sound to South Florida, giving his own unique twist and perspective on the ultra-popular sound in mainstream rap. The young rapper from Broward County serves bass-heavy beats reminiscent of radio hits from the A$AP Mob or Migos. The songs that Fresh delivers have high energy. His most popular song, “Ghoulish,” is a great example of that with its enormous bass drops and Fresh’s high-tempo flow. Even though Fresh’s voice and command over the microphone is always aggressive and forthcoming, he is still able to change the tempo quite effortlessly. His flow changes are in...

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FGCU’s Nest Fest doesn’t disappoint

Hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd and artist Waka Flocka Flame performed at Nest Fest Wednesday, April 5, at Germain Arena in Fort Myers. The crowd consisted mostly of FGCU students who had been highly anticipating the concert. “I’m Excited to see Waka Flocka,” Sarah Ball, an Education major at FGCU, said. “He has such great energy, and his concerts are a great way to get away from reality and just have a good time.” The venue, Germain Arena, allowed the audience to enjoy stadium seating so the audience either sit in seats or stand on the floor close to...

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Zevia is a healthy alternative to traditional soda

Health fanatics typically turn soda down due to the perceived nutritional consequences for drinking the notorious carbonated sugar water. However, perhaps this trope is no more. Naturally flavored soda may be on the rise in America. Zero calorie, naturally flavored sodas like the Los-Angeles based Zevia taste just like regular sodas without all the extreme health detriments. The everyday 12 ounce Coca-Cola soda can contain 140 calories and have 39 grams of sugar and the same amount of carbohydrates. Zevia has zero calories and none of the sugar. Where the difference lies between Zevia and the everyday diet soda...

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Keto diet craze is difficult but worth it

As health concerns become increasingly prevalent, the ketogenic diet, also known as “keto,” is becoming a new health trend in the United States. The science behind keto, which is a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet, is that carbohydrates contained in food are converted into glucose and then are transported around the body as a fueling source. But, if there is only a small amount of carbohydrates in the diet, the liver converts fat into acids and ketones, and those are used instead of glucose as an energy source. “We use it a lot,” Dee Harris said, who is a nutritionist...

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