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Jordan Scoggins

‘Taylor’s Story’ video by Christy’s Cause to prevent human-trafficking

Local organization, Christy’s Cause, released a 15-minute video titled “Taylor’s Story” on Tuesday, March 14. “Taylor’s Story” tells the true story of a survivor of human trafficking. Taylor, whose name was changed to ensure her safety, tells the camera candidly how she was approached by her trafficker, was trapped in human trafficking and was eventually rescued out of that trafficking in this testimonial video. The video aims to show that human trafficking is real, and it’s happening in the local community. Taylor was trapped in human trafficking in Florida and, like many, had assumed she was immune to the...

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“Logan” is a cut above any other movies currently in theaters

Marvel’s newest movie, “Logan”, came out on March 3, and I’m wondering how Hugh Jackman still looks good in the year 2029. Joking aside, this movie is a must-see, especially if you’ve watched any of the “X-Men” movies and, like me, have developed a fondness for Wolverine. The movie starts out in El Paso, Texas, and we find a much older Logan going by the alias of James Howlett, driving for a company resembling Uber. If you’ve seen “The Wolverine” or any other previous X-Men movies, you’ll remember that Logan has spent much of his troubled life struggling with...

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Run 4 The Cause proceeds to fight local child sex trafficking

The second annual Run 4 The Cause 5K, held by Christy’s Cause, took place Feb. 25 at Living Waters Church in Estero. This 5K was the inaugural event for Christy’s Cause, a local non-profit focused on eradicating child sex trafficking, just last year. Hundreds of people from around the Southwest Florida community, including several FGCU students, took part in either the run that took place at 7 a.m. or the walk that took place at 8:45 a.m. Grace Talerico, an FGCU student who participated in the run, said, “I wanted to participate in this 5k because human trafficking is...

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NBC’s ‘This is Us’ will make you wish you were a part of the family

Chances are, if you have had any form of social interaction within the last three or four months, you’ve heard of NBC’s new hit show “This Is Us.” Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and have missed out on this, let me fill you in. (Warning: spoilers ahead.) The first episode left some people confused as it followed what seemed to be two separate story lines — Jack (Milo Ventimiglia of “Gilmore Girls”) and Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore of “A Walk to Remember”) during the delivery of their triplets, and that of three random 30-somethings, Kate,...

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