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Krista Prince

Hopes for FGCU in 2018

The start of a new year and a new semester brings not only changes in classes, but also changes in lifestyles, attitudes and appearances. As the ball dropped at midnight at Times Square in New York City, a sense of new chances ushered in the year of 2018. Resolutions are being made to improve individual lives. Filled with the hope of a successful 2018, I compiled a wish list of New Year resolutions I hope FGCU will take on to improve the university. As a student at FGCU, the new semester brings add drop week, busy parking ga- rages...

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“White Racism” class is important

As many students across campus already know, next semester FGCU will implement a class that has garnered some controversary. The course, titled “White Racism” (SYA 3930), which will be taught by assistant professor of sociology Ted Thornhill, has the student body and surrounding communities seemingly in an uproar. The class has so much debate surrounding it that it has warranted news coverage in local stations like NBC2 and has made its way to national coverage in The New York Post. Despite being surrounded by such a heated debate, the course has managed to fill all 50 available seats and...

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Medical marijuana in SWFL

On Nov. 8, 2016, after fail- ing two years prior, the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative passed, legalizing medical marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases in Florida. In fact, the amendment passed with 71 percent of the population voting yes. Only 60 percent of the vote was needed in order for the law to pass, meaning an over- whelming majority of citizens voted in favor of medical marijuana. Only one short month after the vote, Estero made its first move to prevent medical marijuana distribution. The Village Council passed a one-year ordinance that called for the temporary ban of...

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