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Police Beat: Marijuana cigarette, suspicious vehicle, and more cows

On Nov. 25, a complainant called UPD and stated that papers in her vehicle’s glove box had been taken out and were all over the place. Nothing in the vehicle was taken and the officer noted that the front right-side door does not lock. The complainant said she did not want to prosecute. The physical plant spotted cows, two bulls and one calf, on campus on Nov. 27. UPD notified the owner who stated that he could not retrieve the cattle until later in the afternoon. The cows were chased back into the woods by crews working near South...

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Police Beat: Stray cows, alien mask, and allergic reaction

On Nov. 17 a complainant called UPD and stated that two black cows were walking along the roadway outside of Garage B in South Village. An officer was able to herd the cows to a brush area. The owner of the cows said they could get to campus around 12 p.m. to retrieve the bovine visitors. Lee Control called UPD on Nov. 18 to report a female suffering an allergic reaction in the Cohen Center ballroom. An unknown subject administered an epi-pen to the female. The subject remained conscious and refused transport to a hospital. On Nov. 19 an...

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Greek life’s fate hangs in the balance

EDITORIAL With Florida State University becoming the third school in the nation to suspend all Greek life after alcohol related tragedies, the fate of Greek life everywhere, including FGCU, hangs in the balance. It would be naive to say that universities across the country are just now being enlightned to this problem, especially FSU. Though each university and the culture that encompasses it are unique, these problems are not; Penn State and Louisiana State are just prime examples. If one were to maraud around campus in Tallahassee looking to find out what was happening that night, about nine out...

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Police Beat: Man with a bag, alligator, and roommate scuffle

On Nov. 1, a complainant called UPD and stated there was a male outside a North Lake Village building. The complainant stated the male had been screaming for approximately 20 minutes. When UPD arrived on the scene, they found no males except one who was locked out of the building. A complainant called UPD on Nov. 1 and reported a man they saw walking out of the woods near Eagle Hall in South Village. The complainant said the man carried a large bag, wore dark clothing and had long, straight black hair with a blonde streak going over his...

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Police Beat: Rug of fire, another satisfied customer, and a double punch to the face

Bike and run On Oct. 3, a UPD officer responded to a call that a student was injured after falling off a bike. While the officer was on his way to check on the student, UPD received another call saying that the student had actually been hit by a car. Lee Control then called and confirmed with UPD that an accident had occurred in that location. The student was sent via ambulance to Physician’s Regional Hospital in Naples. Rug of fire Two complainants called UPD on Oct. 3 and advised them of smoke coming from South Village’s Parking Garage...

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Police Beat: Plan B, turtle rescue, and ghost party

Turtle Rescue On Sept. 28, a UPD officer was notified about a turtle that had possibly been hit by a car on FGCU Boulevard. The officer found the turtle and then took it to a 24-hour veterinarian/rehabilitation center on Daniels Road. Game. Set. Crash.  A complainant called UPD on Sept. 28 to report that her car had been damaged while parked in the parking lot by the tennis courts. Someone left a note on the complainant’s car and the UPD officer issued the complainant a self report The Fast and the Sovi-ous  On Sept. 29, UPD was notified that...

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Police Beat: Drunk and lost, hungry bear, and late night rendezvous

False alarm       On Thursday, June 15 at 12:57 a.m., UPD responded to a fire-alarm call at a residence on FGCU Lake Parkway East. A resident notified officers that an individual had pulled the fire alarm outside of the building and then got into a dark Dodge Charger. The resident was unable to recognize who pulled the alarm. Hungry bear On Monday, June 12 at 10:18 p.m., UPD found a black bear near Palmetto Hall in South Village. Officers chased the bear back into the woods and found garbage cans by Biscayne, Everglades and   Palmetto knocked...

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Police Beat: Easter goodies, injured bird, and kitten ghosts

Drowning bike On Monday, April 17, a father called UPD at 11: 12 p.m. asking for his son’s bike to be removed from the South Bridge Loop lake. UPD was able to retrieve the bike from the lake and return it to the owner. Alligator on the run On Monday, April 17 at 6:47 p.m., an alligator was found between Howard and Griffin Halls. The animal was safely returned to the pond by the Wellness Center. Trespassers On Monday, April 17, UPD officers found a couple in a car parked by Manatee in West Lake Village at 9:50 p.m....

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Police Beat: Suspicious person, fake jobs, and drug-addicted potatoes

Found property On Tuesday, April 11 at 1:44 a.m., officers located a duffle bag at North Lake Village. The bag was full of dirty gym clothes and was left by the owner’s car. Fight me On Tuesday, April 11 at 10:46 p.m., a complainant reported to UPD that she had been receiving threatening texts from a person she did not know who wanted to “fight” her. UPD officers advised the complainant to block the number and end further communications. Missing keys On Wednesday, April 12 at 3:04 a.m., a dining hall employee requested an officer to bring bolt cutters...

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Police Beat: Lost property, dog on the run, and alligator strikes again

Jacked up On Tuesday, April 4 at 8:11 p.m., UPD officers lent a complainant a tire jack and assisted in helping him fix the flat tire on his vehicle. Beer bottle meets tragic end On Wednesday, April 5 at 11:14 p.m., two individuals in Garage B were given verbal warnings for littering. The subjects were walking down a stairwell when they saw a beer bottles on the ledge and decided to knock them off. It shattered on the first floor outside area. Lost property On Thursday, April 6 at 10:11 a.m., an Eagle ID and a Victoria’s Secret gift...

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