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Nicholas Michel

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ is beyond good

Kendrick Lamar’s third major-label album, “DAMN.,” proves that he’s light-years above the competition, and it might not even be his best work. “DAMN.” is beyond good. It’s not even just next-level work. It’s three levels past next level. It may be pre-emptive to label the work a classic, but the album’s impact in Lamar’s catalog is similar to “Graduation” by Kanye and “Tha Carter III” by Lil Wayne. In stark contrast to his sophomore album, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” “DAMN.” is more palatable for casual fans who are eager for an easy listen. The minimalist approach of the album...

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FGCU student channels pain through art

Peter Lange has never met his biological parents, but he channeled that pain into a passion of bringing the world together through art. Although he is of Haitian descent, he was adopted by two white parents in Fort Lauderdale. He describes his multi-racial household as a challenge for others around him to accept. “The thing about being a black kid adopted by white parents is that people are going to look at you differently. People are going to say that you’re bought or that you’re a slave,” Lange said. “It started really quick. Diversity is something that I noticed....

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Drake’s ‘More Life’ combines old and new sounds

In 2009, Drake released a mixtape that sounded like an album. In 2017, he continues to break new ground by releasing a “playlist” that sounds better than his last album. On the 22-track playlist, Drake continues to embrace the role of the rapper that other rappers love to hate. Within the first four minutes of “More Life,” Drake took more shots at Meek Mill’s career by implying that he “fought off” the ghost-writing rumors and subsequently turned Meek Mill into a “ghost.” The entire project is an amalgamation of sounds that we have heard over the course of Drake’s...

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Future’s self-titled album may be the best yet

Future’s self-titled fifth album may very well serve as his magnum opus and cement his legacy as an artist. Released on Feb. 17, this album’s greatest moments perfectly capture everything that fans have loved about Future since he entered the scene in 2010. The album is exactly what one would expect based on the mixtapes Future has released so far. Thematically, he has remained consistent throughout his discography and found no reason to shy away from familiar topics on this album. Similarly, this project re-introduced the same sonic landscape that Future has previously explored to deliver his auto-tuned, crooned...

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Wolf People creates post-apocalyptic themes and multiple moods with ‘Ruins’

If the concept of a post-apocalyptic world is thought provoking enough to drive millions of viewers toward AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” then imagine “Ruins” serving as the perfect soundtrack to the zombies’ takeover. Although the band does not consider this body of work to be a concept album, there are thematic recurrences that explore the concept of a world without humans. The album runs through a gamut of moods, seamlessly transitioning from dark, brooding tracks, like “Ninth Night” to warm and mellow songs like the “Kingfisher” reprises. The true beauty of “Ruins” lies within Wolf People’s display of versatility,...

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ genre bends to experimental country

Lady Gaga has released five studio albums since her major label debut in 2008. Ever since she entered the music industry, her counterculture lyrics and eclectic musical taste have been the staple of her brand. Her new album, “Joanne,” explores a combination of different genres that are foreign to many of Gaga’s most faithful fans. On first listen, the immediate impression of the album is, frankly, underwhelming. The first song, “Diamond Heart,” wasn’t the most captivating example of Gaga’s new country-pop fusion, but it does a solid job of setting the tone for the rest of the album. The...

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