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Oscar Santiago Torres

FGCU Public relations RSO prepares for internship fair

Molly Nurczyk, president of the Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Public Relations Association, is organizing the award-winning PR, Marketing, and Advertising Internship Fair. The event is from 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 1 in the Cohen Center Ballroom at FGCU. “We have meetings leading up to this internship that are going to help prepare students,” Nurczyk said. “We had our Career and Development Services come to our first meeting to talk about how to professionally network, so they can talk to professionals at the internship fair in particular.” Students will be able to talk to representatives from local businesses...

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FGCU alum starts PR business, looks for summer interns

Florida Gulf Coast University alumnus, former student body president, current adjunct professor and now PR Zebra President Peter Cuderman speaks about his latest business launch to change the public relations industry as he works to offer students full-time employment. PR Zebra assists startups, entrepreneurs and charities to receive news media attention. “We get your story, project or idea heard by the right media outlets,” Cuderman says. “We had our first front page newspaper (Naples Daily News) piece for a client this past week. It is exciting to see a client get coverage. Any time that a client gets mentioned...

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Moonlight on the Marsh begins

For ecological lectures, Ohio State University has been the place to go for the past 15 years. Now, Florida Gulf Coast University Professor William Mitsch continues assisting in organizing the lecture series in Naples, which he began in Ohio. Since 2012, the free seminars are at the Harvey Kapnick Education and Research Center at the Naples Botanical Garden. FGCU’s third annual Moonlight on the Marsh Distinguished Lecture Series begins Jan. 15. Local, regional and global topics for this year’s lectures include ocean pollution and why it occurs, coastal ecosystem services of mangrove wetlands, new approaches to managing an agricultural...

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Think before you drink (water)

Think green and blue this month. Campus Sustainability Day is a time to recognize the successes, challenges and innovations of sustainability in higher education. Students, staff and community members can drop by any of the eco-friendly events prepared for that day on campus The 8th annual Terry Tempest Williams Student Dialogue comes back Oct. 27 and will welcome an estimated 200 guests. This year, the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education will welcome three panelists who will talk about the protection of Southwest Florida’s water resources and coastal environments. Jeremy Frantz is one of the panelists and the environmental...

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Students lead nature tours

Imagine facing a bush of American beautyberries. The glossy, purple, bundled and tiny berries are available for students to pluck and eat. The beautyberries are found throughout the Florida Gulf Coast University campus such as outside of Edwards Hall, and they are one of many interesting facts students can learn about FGCU after taking a campus tour with a campus naturalist. Campus naturalists work 10 – 25 hours weekly to guide students and visitors on interactive tours. They present information about FGCU’s ecosystem through guides such as wet walks and nature trails. Since 2005, Sarah Davis, the University Colloquium...

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One student gets to name lab discovery

An agar plate lies still. Omnicron has destroyed the layer of bacteria inside the plate, leaving plaques or dark holes 2 mm in diameter. Omnicron is a virus replicating itself inside the plate. The discovery of this virus belongs to Tasha Baer, a Florida Gulf Coast University student from the 2013-14 Virus Hunters course. Baer’s discovery of a virus is not the only one. Fourteen of her classmates join the discovery of unique viruses. Each student like Baer isolates, names and analyzes new mycobacteriophages (known as phages) or viruses that infects one or more of the mycobacteria (bacteria) that...

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Feelin’ Hungry? Azul’s is the New Place to Eat at FGCU

In addition to the Student Government’s free headphones and more vending machines, Florida Gulf Coast University students also have a new place to eat on campus. After its renovation and new location, Azul’s (formerly known as HomeZone) is ready for business thanks to the Student Government’s Healthier-Eating-Options Initiatives and Business Operations. Its renovation comes with a new menu. Arrive for breakfast and find fruit, yogurt or a hot breakfast platter. Stop by during lunch and order specialty burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches or gourmet-grilled-cheese sandwiches. “It’s going to be good quality food from what I hear,” said Domenic Volpi,...

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Bill Porter fights for a role in the Power Rangers TV series

He can kick, punch and act. Bill Porter is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University and is training for the Mixed Martial Arts World Championship and auditioned for the Power Rangers series. Since he was 5, Porter has been involved in gymnastics and mixed martial arts. His interest in MMA comes from watching television shows such as “Power Rangers.” In fact, one of his first instructors was Jason David Frank, an actor from the show. Porter considers himself a mixed martial arts artist who practices taekwondo, a Korean martial art, which involves kicking and blocking moves. This is similar to his karate and the Filipino...

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FGCU among top five green universities

Florida Gulf Coast University ranks top five among colleges and universities in the U.S for its sustainable initiatives according to a student blog website, and the university con- tinues to move forward with other green plans. “We are thrilled to be recognized as one of top-five green institutions by College Prowl- er,” said Kathryn Leone, FGCU environmental stewardship and sustainability coordinator. “Because we are such a newly built institution, a lot of times, older schools make a big investment to retrofit other buildings, and they’ll cut their carbon footprint in half. We’re already starting at a point where we’re...

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Professors go on sabbatical

Philosophy associate professor Kevin Aho leaves this fall after his professional developmental leave application was approved for a full academic year. Full-time faculty members who applied for a professional developmental leave received a letter on Dec. 6 if their applications were approved. A professional development leave is awarded to eligible full-time faculty members who meet certain requirements, and the leaves are only given to increase a faculty member’s value to the University, according to the Florida Gulf Coast University website. The leave is included in the employee’s annual evaluation. A written report of the accomplishments made during the leave...

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