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Rachel Iacovone

Free food and bands draw students to Ignite’s first annual Winter Fest

The sweet scent of funnel cakes began to waft through the air as the Supros warmed-up onstage under a large banner proudly boasting, “Ignite loves FGCU!” The crowd consisted of a little more than a dozen of the Supros’ closest friends, who were busy tossing around a couple of footballs and a Frisbee at the time anyway. “Go long, Doug!” Someone shouted. “Testing, testing, Jesus loves you,” Supros’ lead singer Jesús Núñez said onstage as a football whizzed past. “Not me Jesús, but you know, Jesus Jesus.” Doug Paul caught the football with ease, much to the surprise of...

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‘The Flash’ and ‘Gotham’ take over TV screens

Whoosh! For those who blinked and missed it, DC Comics has taken over in a flash, or rather, with “The Flash.” In light of Marvel’s recent blockbusters and upcoming Netflix original shows, it came as no surprise that DC rushed to get its name back out there soon after, yet it seems that the quality of product DC managed in such a short period of time caught everyone off guard. “The Flash” premiered less than a month ago and had record views for the CW. The show holds the highest views so far on the network, topping even fan-favorite...

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Campus church group donates water filters to Haitian communities

After a polite smile at the barista, you turn, pumpkin spice latte in hand, to face the all-too-familiar, black-and-blue sign that reads “Ignite” on a crowded table of loud, bubbly students. This must be more than a dozen times you have seen a sign or shirt on campus this week alone, yet you realize you still have no idea what “Ignite” even is. As a Christian club at a secular university, Ignite has shocked many with its size alone — 415 members and always on the rise. These Florida Gulf Coast University students attend their “club meeting” weekly in...

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Campus unites in reading program

In the past, simply mentioning the first-year reading requirements garnered an automatic groan from all those present at orientation — accompanied by the upperclassmen who were all too thrilled to share their wartime stories of how they survived Composition I without ever opening the dreaded book. So, with all the new freshmen this fall, where is the usual chorus of complaints? This is the program’s first year as “One Book, One Campus,” but those who have been here for longer may recognize it simply as the First Year Reading Project, which was first initiated back in 2003. Given the...

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YG and J. Cole headlining at 2014 Eaglepalooza, Nov. 20

At last night’s ROC the Nest, it was announced that renowned rappers YG and J. Cole will be the featured acts at the eighth annual Eaglepalooza this fall. ROC the Nest opened with much excitement from not only the crowd of students there for the free food, games and prizes, but also the programming board, which was obviously pleased to share the upcoming news after nearly four months of planning. Programing Board Vice President Ansley Parish and Director of Concerts, Bill Polin, prematurely took the stage only an hour into the event. The reason soon became evident as they...

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