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Ryan Denson

Michael Flynn is the first of Trump’s appointments to go

Irony is dead in the age of the Trump Administration. For two years, President Donald Trump and his camp of right-wing minions called for Hillary Clinton to be “locked up” for her role in her infamous email scandal despite no actual filing of criminal charges. The minion most vocal — aside from Trump himself — was General Michael T. Flynn, who served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama. As of Feb. 13, Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor in shame, plagued in scandal and criminal wrongdoing. Flynn, a highly decorated and once respectable officer in...

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Betsy DeVos could spell doom for America’s public schools

In honor of Betsy DeVos becoming Education Secretary, here’s a problem for the math majors: If you have $200 million and need 51 votes in the Senate to get a job you aren’t qualified for, how much money will you have to give each senator to buy their vote? I the case of Betsy DeVos, she could only get 50 votes. That’s why Vice President Mike Pence had to make history and be the magical 51st vote to get DeVos over the threshold. Never before has a vice president been a tie-breaking vote for a cabinet nominee. DeVos was...

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The problem is not Muslims; it’s white men

President Donald Trump has issued over 15 executive orders since taking the oath of office. The most egregious of these was the Muslim ban, in which refugees, visitors, green-card holders and foreign allies of the American government from seven majority-Muslim countries were denied entry into the United States. In all, over 100 refugees were detained and interrogated like common terrorists. Countless more were sent back without interrogation, and many more were told to stay in their home countries. Images of young children, wheelchair-bound elderly and torn-apart families being paraded around as common terrorists in our airports were been splashed...

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Trump kicks off presidency with authoritarian zeal

It’s been almost two weeks since Donald Trump took the oath of office. After a bleak day with a depressed inauguration turnout, President Trump and his newly formed alliance of Washington outsiders stormed the halls of the White House, ready to get down to business. Taking unilateral action, President Trump signed a flurry of executive orders into law in the first five days. Some of them were cheered by the public — pulling out of the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership — and some were downright weird. President Trump arrogantly proclaimed Jan. 20, his Inauguration Day, the National Day of...

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Republicans betray Americans with first step toward repealing ACA

On Jan. 12, the United States Senate, in the dead of night, took the first steps to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — commonly known as Obamacare. In a partisan 51-48 vote, the Senate allowed Obamacare to enter into budget reconciliation, which means when the actual repeal vote comes to the floor, it cannot be filibustered. All day before, Democrats introduced a series of amendments aimed at protecting many of the fundamental laws that make up Obamacare: protecting kids, women and seniors from undue burdens, discrimination, and uncertainty in the healthcare marketplace. Every amendment failed to...

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Why none of Trump’s nominees deserve confirmation

With less than a week to go before Donald Trump is sworn into office, a blitz of confirmation hearing have been taking place on Capitol Hill, and as expected it’s been a circus. Senate committees have been hearing testimony from a slew of Trump nominees, including Attorney General hopeful Jeff Sessions, Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Needless to say, none of them passed the smell test. In fact, I don’t think there has ever been a more offensive and lackluster group of men who have...

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Hillary is ready for the presidency

The first debate went as expected: one candidate showed they were ready to be president of the United States on day one, and the other acted like a petulant child. Luckily, Hillary Clinton was the former, not the latter. The pundits know it, the polls know it and, ultimately, the people know it: Clinton gave a performance that saw a massive spike in the polls, a boost in public trust and a sense of comfort that she may very well be our next president. Here’s why she won (and why she’ll probably win the next two). She was prepared....

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What it’s really like to attend a Trump rally

I went with an open mind. For more than a year, the mainstream media had been broadcasting Trump rallies all across the nation, showcasing multiple instances of violence, racism, xenophobia and flat-out insanity. When I heard that Trump would be making an appearance at Germain Arena, just one mile from my house, I knew I had to go just to quench my sheer curiosity. I figured that if I want to have a legitimate reason to be against him and his “movement,” I needed to experience it all for myself, up close and in person. So with my ticket...

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Eagles for Hillary: Why FGCU should vote blue

On November 8, we the voters will face a crucial decision: do we elect a qualified leader who is respected around the world, or do we elect a man with no political experience who is $650 million in debt? In what is arguably the most crucial election of our lifetime, the stakes could not be higher. The Supreme Court is minus one. Senate Republicans are insistent they will not budge on President Obama’s nominee, so it will be up to the next president to decide the course of its future. Ask yourself one question: who do you want deciding...

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