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Ryan Denson

Hillary is ready for the presidency

The first debate went as expected: one candidate showed they were ready to be president of the United States on day one, and the other acted like a petulant child. Luckily, Hillary Clinton was the former, not the latter. The pundits know it, the polls know it and, ultimately, the people know it: Clinton gave a performance that saw a massive spike in the polls, a boost in public trust and a sense of comfort that she may very well be our next president. Here’s why she won (and why she’ll probably win the next two). She was prepared....

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What it’s really like to attend a Trump rally

I went with an open mind. For more than a year, the mainstream media had been broadcasting Trump rallies all across the nation, showcasing multiple instances of violence, racism, xenophobia and flat-out insanity. When I heard that Trump would be making an appearance at Germain Arena, just one mile from my house, I knew I had to go just to quench my sheer curiosity. I figured that if I want to have a legitimate reason to be against him and his “movement,” I needed to experience it all for myself, up close and in person. So with my ticket...

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Eagles for Hillary: Why FGCU should vote blue

On November 8, we the voters will face a crucial decision: do we elect a qualified leader who is respected around the world, or do we elect a man with no political experience who is $650 million in debt? In what is arguably the most crucial election of our lifetime, the stakes could not be higher. The Supreme Court is minus one. Senate Republicans are insistent they will not budge on President Obama’s nominee, so it will be up to the next president to decide the course of its future. Ask yourself one question: who do you want deciding...

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