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Sam Palmisano

Mandating class attendance is a terrible way to go

Despite what United Airlines would like you to believe, the golden rule of customer service still states that the customer is always right. Every industry — restaurant, hotel, retail, etc. — follows that golden rule except one; educational institutions always seem to make paying customers at fault. The latest fault being placed on students is the low performance metrics as evaluated by the state. Rumors of a new effort to improve four-year graduation rates and academic performance have started to circulate. FGCU may be thinking about making classroom attendance mandatory at an institutional level. The university has somehow deemed...

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Going ‘Beyond the Lines’

We often put things in boxes. We place labels on others and ourselves. We create social boundaries based on these labels. It’s important that we learn to go beyond these things in order to promote unity and equality in our community and on our campus. This past weekend, 50 students — including myself — and faculty members attended the Beyond the Lines: Diversity and Social Justice retreat sponsored by the Office of Multicultural & Leadership Development. At a conference center in Lake Placid we learned all about going deeper into the topics of self-identity and accepting others. With presentations,...

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Satire could get people to care about politics

In a nation where half of the population doesn’t vote and most don’t care for politics, satirical news is gaining traction as everyone’s favorite source. Since Donald Trump took office, ratings are way up for programs like “The Daily Show,” “Saturday Night Live” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The hosts and contributors of each show have shown no mercy when it comes to Trump, and viewers have rewarded them. Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” spends four nights a week ripping the president to shreds. Mostly comedy, the show contains enough factual evidence to entertain...

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The ‘enemy of the American people’ isn’t who the president claims

In an article earlier this year, I claimed that the media love Trump. Boy, was I wrong. Sure, the business executives of media corporations love all the increased revenue, but the actual journalists can’t stand the president. For whatever reason, America’s “tweeter-in-chief” has declared the fake-news media to be an enemy of the state. The media certainly isn’t against the people; they’re just against Trump. Because Trump acts like a five-year-old every time someone disagrees with him, it’s no wonder he throws a Twitter tantrum every time the media calls him out on his lies. Even Chris Wallace of...

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America’s problems are far deeper than its government

Donald Trump is a genius. Despite how much everyone hates him, he managed to manipulate the electoral system in a way that demonstrates just how smart he is. If you think the above opinion goes against the grain, you’re not prepared for what I’m about to say. Americans aren’t very smart. Aside from the average American not knowing details about politics beyond the position of the president, Americans spend billions of dollars on junk food, garbage entertainment and terrible outfits. Our education system is ranked No. 25 in the world, according to the Program International Student Assessment, and will...

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New incentives aim to help students graduate on time

We’re lucky to attend a university like FGCU where the faculty and professors actually care about students as individuals. They’re happy that we chose to attend this school, but that doesn’t mean they want us here forever. Up in Tallahassee, politicians and university administrators are working to make sure that students aren’t here any longer than they need to be. This past Wednesday, the Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act passed through a subcommittee of the state senate. The all-that-glitters-isn’t-gold sounding name is  the latest attempt to push students to graduate within four years. The bill would require all...

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is far from retiring

Long before Joe Biden became the most popular meme in the country, he was one of the most prominent politicians of his time. After nearly five decades dedicating himself to public service, Joe Biden is far from slowing down. Biden, who spent 36 years as a senator for Delaware before serving two terms as vice president, and his wife Jill launched the Biden Foundation to continue their public efforts. The primary efforts of the foundation will be in ending violence against women and working to further cancer research. Other areas of focus will include protecting children, working toward equality...

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Tom Brady defies the record books, once again

Tom Brady has won more Super Bowls than 22 other teams have even played in. He’s played in more of them than 29 individual NFL teams. He’s won more rings than any other quarterback in the league’s history. By all indications, Brady is the greatest of all time. Tom Brady and his New England Patriots have secured yet another Super Bowl victory, historically, overcoming a 28-3 deficit, much to the displeasure of the rest of the country. With all of the success the Patriots have racked up in the last 15 years, it’s no surprise that the majority of...

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Why we’re failing our first president

George Washington set some great precedents during his time as our nation’s first president, but it took only a few years for his successors to let him down. In his farewell address, Washington warned the country about the dangers of political factions and foreign involvement. In his final State of the Union, he proposed the ideas of a national university and a military academy. It took our war-hungry country only six years to establish the United States Military Academy at West Point. In over 210 years, his other wishes have yet to come true. In fact, we went so...

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The media love Trump

Every time the president-elect has opened his mouth — or “twittered” his thumbs — the story has gone viral in every sense of the word. From the day Donald Trump announced his presidency on June 16, 2015, it’s been a roller coaster. The billionaire reality TV star turned president’s campaign-to-inauguration process has been a series of ups and downs incomparable to anything in recent memory. Another series of ups and downs have come from the stock graphs of some of the nation’s leading media companies. What if I told you that both processes were symbiotic? Everyone is so quick...

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