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Samantha Wills

Remembering the Pulse Massacre

June 12 was the official one-year anniversary of the massacre that took place at Pulse nightclub.  Pulse is a popular gay bar in Orlando that was invaded by one individual who murdered 49 innocent people.  How the shooter thought that taking this action would be effective when it comes to the big picture or that it was a good idea will always remain a mystery to me.  It was and still is viewed as a horrific tragedy that was entirely unnecessary. This incident occurred in 2016, in a time period in which being part of the LGBTQIA+ community was...

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The Secret to Success in College

The secret to college success is different for everyone. Some students manage to maintain a 4.0 GPA using systems that could be classi ed as organized chaos, while others are organized to the point that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. A majority of the student population tends to meet somewhere in the middle when it comes to the execution of their study habits. The common denominator is that however a successful student goes about achieving their goals, there must be a certain degree of balance. A student’s definition of balance is different depending on who...

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Memories: the greatest gift of all

Millennials are known for being the generation that is obsessed with innovation and experiences – especially when it comes to keeping up with trends. That being said, it’s really no surprise that the most technologically advanced generation the world has ever seen would focus their gift giving habits on experiences rather than objects. Millenials appreciate the intricacies of giving what they themselves truly desire: the opportunity to make some beautiful memories and plan out an almost-too-perfect Instagram post. I can see why people of my generation would opt to give a gift that would be more experience-oriented than anything...

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Please don’t stop the music

In recent news around campus, there has been talk about banning music in the student plaza. As an individual with a hectic schedule, and rather long days on campus, I enjoy the music that is played in the student plaza.  It always breaks up my day, and acts as a temporary stress reliever. That being said, I do see a few perks of banning music in the student plaza.  Along with music, the policy that would be implemented also bans any megaphones being used in the area. This would keep anyone from bombarding students with unwanted information and instead...

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Leadership, diversity and unity at FGCU

One of the aspects I love about FGCU is how important diversity is in the student body. As an incoming freshman, I have gone on multiple tours of the university, gone through orientation and have participated in a number of programs that are designed for students to become more knowledgeable about what the university stands for. One of the programs I attended recently was called Frosh Mosh. Frosh Mosh is a leadership retreat centered on improving leadership and team building skills, learning about diversity and making connections. At the beginning of the retreat, Dyonne Bergeron, the assistant dean and...

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Hate crimes – Violence without a rhyme or reason

Recent events have made hate crimes the topic of many conversations. A hate crime is a crime with the motive being the gender, race or sexual orientation of the person being attacked. This definition can be expanded, but that is the basic idea. As a young adult living in 2016, I do believe in freedom of expression, but I also believe that a person partaking in an activity that can be considered a hate crime is taking it way too far. Everyone has the right to his or her opinion. You can think what you want about what a person does, and you can verbally express your thoughts if that is...

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An alligator’s appearance: A Floridian’s perspective

The wildlife found in Florida is something to truly behold. Certain animals are more commonly found in Florida than others, such as the alligator. The state tries to respect alligators as much as possible, but it does not want to put its residents at risk. One way to try to avoid any alligator attacks is to put up signs where alligators are known to be present. It is when people ignore the signs that are put up that injuries can occur. A 2-year-old boy recently passed away due to an alligator pulling him under the water near Disney World....

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Life at FGCU: A ‘junior’ college kid’s perspective

Going to college is something that every student entering FGCU has waited nearly two decades, at least, to do. All of us went to high school for the required amount of time to get a diploma and move onto the next phase in our lives. During high school, some of us were athletes; others were all about the clubs that were offered; some of us wanted to go to the football games and cheer on the team from the bleachers, and some of us were a mixture of all three. Everyone’s high school experience was different; there’s a list...

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Human trafficking high school sex scandal hits close to home

Recent events at South Fort Myers High School has brought attention to the serious problem that is human trafficking. A teenage girl was accused of having sex with 25 boys over the span of an hour in the boys’ bathroom. The girl had been a student at the high school for only two weeks when this event took place. The real story has come from the girl’s mother speaking out by having a friend speak to local news about the incident. The girl went into the boys’ bathroom to talk to a boy that she was interested in, and...

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