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Tatyana Turner

Full Pulp Ep. 8 – Immokolee Road Band

Full Pulp Ep. 8 - Immokolee Road Band Synopsis: Although Luke is no longer a host for Full Pulp, we hope to keep the show alive and well! For this week’s episode, the Eagle Radio Promotions Manager Tatyana, interviews three FGCU professors that formed the Immokalee Road Band. About the Author: Tatyana Turner is a graduating senior majoring in Communication at FGCU. This was her first Full Pulp interview and she is excited to pursue a career as a Public Relations specialist. Outside of classes, Tatyana manages her own Youtube channel HopeChronicles that consists of video games, makeup...

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Replacing Columbus Day

Indigenous Peoples Day is becoming a national statement promoting societal change and culture acceptance across the United States. Proposed in 1977 by delegates of the Native Nation, the idea of the holiday was to reform the horrific history pertaining to the landfall of Christopher Columbus in America. In 1937 Columbus Day became an official holiday, but has been unofficially celebrated since 1492. Since then the significance behind this day has decreased in popularity. Today, rather than Columbus Day being a holiday full of events surrounding the wonderful life of Christopher Columbus, sales at retail stores seem to be the...

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When CNN buys Buzzfeed political staff, is media shifting?

Buzzfeed is on the rise as 2016’s innovative source for news and entertainment.    This global network has been known to satisfy the hearts of foodies and cat video enthusiasts, while providing a comedic outlook on national affairs and issues. Although Buzzfeed has proven its popularity among millennials, it has not been so popular with other generations. CNN President, Jeff Zucker, issued a statement saying that Buzzfeed isn’t a legitimate source for news. It seems that Zucker may feel a bit threatened by the growing influence Buzzfeed has on the internet. Although I am a fan of Buzzfeed, I...

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