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Full Pulp Ep. 8 – Immokolee Road Band

Full Pulp Ep. 8 - Immokolee Road Band Synopsis: Although Luke is no longer a host for Full Pulp, we hope to keep the show alive and well! For this week’s episode, the Eagle Radio Promotions Manager Tatyana, interviews three FGCU professors that formed the Immokalee Road Band. About the Author: Tatyana Turner is a graduating senior majoring in Communication at FGCU. This was her first Full Pulp interview and she is excited to pursue a career as a Public Relations specialist. Outside of classes, Tatyana manages her own Youtube channel HopeChronicles that consists of video games, makeup...

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Full Pulp Ep. 7 – Jordan Axelrod

Full Pulp: Ep. 6 - Jordan Axelrod We’re back with season 2 with local filmmaker and producer Jordan Axelrod. His film “Seven Ten Split” won an honor at the Fort Myers Film Festival in 2016. We sit down with the NYU alumni and discuss the importance of indie films, as well as his run-ins with broadway royalty and what he thinks about Wes...

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Full Pulp: Ep. 6 – Sonet and Ludy

Full Pulp: Ep. 6 - Sonet and Ludyét-Ludy.mp3 It’s the last episode of season one, and we’re coming in with double trouble! We sit down with Broward county singer/ songwriters Sonét and Ludy right before their performance at the first ever Eagle Radio listening party held last...

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Full Pulp: Ep. 5 – Wilder Sons

Full Pulp: Ep. 5 - Wilder Sons   Luke is joined by Eagle News Entertainment & Lifestyle editor Allie Taylor to track down Southwest Florida indie rock band Wilder Sons on the Imperial River after their recent EP release show at Momentum Brewhouse in Bonita Springs. They talk about the band’s camaraderie and the rise, but inevitable downfall of the return of vinyl records and...

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Full Pulp: Ep. 4 Pt. 2 – Plight of the Maya

Full Pulp: Ep. 4 Pt. 2 - Plight of the Maya     We continue our interview with Southwest Florida slam poet/ prophet/ storyteller Joey Jennings about the origins of his spoken word project, Plight øf The Maya. If you missed the first part of this interview, you can go back in our archive to catch...

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Full Pulp: Ep. 4 Pt. 1 – Plight of the Maya

Full Pulp: Ep. 4 Pt. 1 - Plight of the Maya   This week we’re airing a two-part episode on the slam poetry/ music/ humanitarian efforts of Joey Jennings AKA Plight øf the Maya. I’m joined by Co-host Catey Phiel as we delve into what started the project: Joey’s passion for rhythm and...

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Full Pulp: Ep. 3 – The Good Bad Kids

Full Pulp: Ep. 3 - The Good Bad Kids   The Good Bad Kids are a success story in the making, playing dozens of shows around town at breweries, bars and touring the Southeast corner of the US. Their progressive bluegrass stylings get crowds hootin’ and hollerin’ all over town. I sit down with Matt, Nicky and Joe in their super secret studio in...

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Full Pulp: Ep. 2 – The Helmsmen

Full Pulp: Ep. 2 - The Helmsmen     We take a field trip to the East Coast to visit Jupiter-native band The Helmsmen. We talk inspiration, feel-good music and band divas. Jesse, Derek and Micko join us for a journey through the reign of The...

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Full Pulp: Ep.1 – Peacefully Vibes Photography

Full Pulp: Ep. 1 - Peacefully Vibes Photography   Full Pulp premieres as a showcase of unique and often underground talent in the cultural realms of Southwest Florida and beyond. Photographer Elijah Davidson shares his intimate perspective of Fort Myers, what exactly “vibes” has to do with his life mantra and what it’s like interacting with several thousand followers through social...

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