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Election Issue 2016

Pipeline problems

By now, you’ve heard of the North Dakota Access Pipeline and the controversy surrounding it. In case you haven’t, there is a $3.8 billion underground pipeline being built across three states (ND, SD and IL) to transport massive amounts of oil every day. Issues arose when the original path of the pipe was altered, and the reroute placed it near the water source of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Protests started back in April, but coverage fell through the cracks as mainstream media focused on the election. Luckily, the protests were brought back to the forefront of media attention...

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Florida’s voting curse

There’s a universal shadow of fear and uncertainty that surrounds this 2016 election, and, as a member of the generation who’s first time it is voting, I have to echo the nationwide sentiment that has been circulating around the country since the primaries: this is probably one of the worst elections America has ever faced. I have to admit that I didn’t feel as hyped up about voting as I should have been. I understand the importance of voting, and I still exercised my constitutional right to do so, but it’s hard to be excited when you’re not crazy...

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Who supports who?

Yesterday, we anxiously waited to see who would call the White House their new residence for the next four years — or more. We now know that person is President Donald Trump. This election will be thought of as one for the books historically as well as for the entertainment industry. Celebrities, actors and singers have shared their own opinions of the election, supporting candidates, participating in skits or helping their fans go out and vote. Retired NBA player Dennis Rodman tweeted out on July 24, 2015 that America doesn’t need a politician, but rather “a businessman like Mr....

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The history of voting in Lee County

Lee County has the largest population of any of the Southwest Florida counties, with a population of 618,754 according to the 2010 census. Of those residents, 71 percent are white, 18.3 percent Hispanic and 7.7 percent of the residents are black. As of Nov. 8, 185,838 residents are registered to vote as Republican, while 116,848 are registered as Democrat according to Lee County Elections website. Another statistic from Lee County Elections details a record number of early voters raising this elections bar to 100,893, as well as a staggering number of voters using the mail-in method, with 154,781 ballots...

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A jaded history of voter fraud in the U.S.

Voter fraud is at the forefront of this year’s election, with Donald Trump’s claims of rigged election resonating with a lot of skeptical voters. This claim has been found to be false according to Politifact. However, this isn’t the only time voter suppression was seen as an issue. In fact, laws and regulation to prevent fraud have only improved throughout U.S. history. But even if we’ve come a long way from Jim Crow era or women’s suffrage, there are still crushingly effective strategies to prevent targeted groups from voting. One strategy suggested by the Trump campaign involves a militia...

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Fashion of the elections

Politics and fashion are cut from the same cloth. After all, we watch fashion shows like we watch debates, paparazzi photograph politicians as if they’re celebrities and trends seem to circulate based on what’s hot right now, when really it’s just a refreshing past ideas. It’s  commonly believed that in order to gain success, one must dress for it. So how does one dress when hoping to become the successful presidential candidate of the United States? Though politics and fashion are indeed similar, fashion is flashy where politics is not. In order for democracy to put itself apart from...

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On being a citizen and the importance of voting

Sometimes, I get frustrated with the world, and with how important issues are neglected and unimportant ones get all the attention. I repeatedly get frustrated with how we treat each other, as if we can only lend our ears and hands if it’s for our advantage, or our availability, or our interest. It’s easy to be disillusioned. It’s easy to be cynical. We more often than not believe that the world has never been in such a dark place. One thing I’ve heard from everyone that I’ve talked to this semester is how disgusted, annoyed and disappointed they are...

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COBOL brings community together at election viewing party

In the wake of the election that would determine the next president of the United States, FGCU’s Coalition of Black Organizational Leaders hosted a viewing party in Marieb Hall on Nov. 8. The viewing started at 7:30 p.m. and within a matter of minutes, the lecture hall was filled with more than 80 students of diverse backgrounds who came out to watch the nation decide on their next president. COBOL president Keturah Pongo said that the group decided to host the viewing party to bring the community together and start the conversation about what the election would mean for...

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What will happen once Trump takes office

In a history making election, billionaire Donald Trump, who has never held elected office or military position, was elected as the 45th president of the United States. As January nears, when the office holder will transition from current president Barack Obama to Trump, citizens of the US can expect changes in immigration policy, infrastructure and other policies. Trump has called for the immediate deportation of undocumented immigrants that are in are legal system. Removing criminal immigrants who are in America illegally is a high priority along with building a wall on the Mexican border, which throughout his campaign he...

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Donald Trump elected 45th president of the United States

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States by a slim margin on Tuesday after a tumultuous 2016 election season. Trump makes history as the first nongovernmental nominee to be elected to the presidency, as the five exceptions — found in Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover and Dwight D. Eisenhower — all had military experience or had been on a prior president’s cabinet before running. Trump, 70, defeated the Democratic nominee, Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson. Despite his controversial run and his ongoing battle with members...

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