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Something for the soul

Filmed and edited by Nora Reca. “It only took one time for me to see that the number 13 is the number that belongs to me. So, now,  it’s 13, 13 pills per day that will determine whether I live or die.” From the library to the bus loop, students  laughed and cheered while they celebrated each other’s talents and brought awareness to HIV/AIDS at FGCU’s SoulFest concert. SoulFest is the  brainchild of FGCU’s newest RSO, SoulFlowers, along with their advisor Daniel Stallings, who put on a similar event in 2013. To make the concert bigger and better than...

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Thousands protest president-elect Trump in Miami, blocking roadways

Filmed and edited by Rachel Iacovone. Miami joined the growing list of cities to host Anti-Trump protests Friday, Nov. 11, following president-elect Donald Trump’s controversial victory Tuesday. Miami Police said the crowd grew to more than 2000 by the end of the protest. That crowd included FAU student Caitlyn Rittenhouse, who expressed her concerns about a Trump presidency as a member of the LGBT community. “We fought so hard to get, like, equal rights, you know? With jobs, you know, like, marriage everywhere — and now, I mean, him and Mike Pence, they’re going to take it away,” Rittenhouse...

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African Network of Southwest Florida says ‘karibu’ (welcome) to newest elder

Filmed and edited by Katie Hopkins. The African Network of Southwest Florida hosted its Special African Elder Recognition Night Nov. 5 at the Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport at Town Center. Guests were invited to “come enjoy an enchanting evening like none other and support our fundraising efforts for scholarships of African children.” Besides the scholarship recipients, which included Coalition of Black Organizational Leaders President Keturah Pongo, those in attendance included the majority of administrators from FGCU’s College of Education as well as Provost Ronald Toll and more than 200 other community members – from police officers to talk...

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Muslim Student Association hosts diversity event near library

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the Muslim Student Association celebrated humanity and diversity by creating discussions with students and faculty near the old library entrance. The event “We are Human” sought to make everyone welcome, let FGCU students meet members and discover the many commonalities that exist between everyone. Members were willing to answer questions and start dialogue. “It’s about making friends today,” said Farwa Khan, the MSA president. She said the event’s objective was to embrace similarities, while forgetting the differences. During the event, participants were given a sheet of paper where they would write a fact about themselves....

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