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‘Fifty Shades’ sequel stumbles from underdeveloped characters

“Fifty Shades Darker,” the film thousands of women have been waiting for, released just in time for Valentine’s Day. “Fifty Shades Darker” is the sequel to last year’s “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In this film, Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan) renegotiates his relationship with Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) while revealing his past and showing her his more vulnerable and loving side. Their relationship is tested by women from Grey’s past and unexpected circumstances that keep popping up. “We are expecting it to be more romantic, more sophisticated and more hot,” FGCU student and movie viewer Ariana...

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‘Pelo Malo’ screening explores worldwide homophobic taboos

FGCU’s Seidler International Film Festival had an impressive turnout on Tuesday’s showing of “Pelo Malo,” the first Spanish movie to be featured in this month’s event. Students of varying majors and professors of diverse subjects gathered to view this cinematic display. Pelo Malo, which directly translates to “Bad Hair,” tells the story of Junior, a young boy in Caracas, Venezuela. Junior, who has only known the poverty-stricken area of Caracas, has a keen obsession with two things: singing and trying to straighten his overly coiled hair. His single mother attempts to cure him of his obsessions through doctor’s visits,...

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is franchise’s next film

It should be no surprise that another “Star Wars” movie is in the works, but what’s not so clear is the name. On Monday, Jan. 23, Disney and Lucasfilm finally announced the next chapter in the space-opera saga will be named “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The film, written and directed by Rian Johnson, picks up immediately after the events of 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which concluded with Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) finding Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hamill), who had been living in seclusion. The film also stars Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and...

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‘La La Land’ ties all-time record with 14 Oscar nominations

The musical “La La Land” dominated the Oscar nominations Tuesday, Jan. 24 by picking up 14 nods to tie the record set by the 1997 release “Titanic” and the 1950 movie “All About Eve.” The film was nominated for Best Picture and Damien Chazelle received a Best Director nod, while both lead actors Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were also recognized for their work as big city dreamers in love. The popular musical’s biggest competition is the alien invasion thriller “Arrival” and a drama following the story of a gay man in the inner city called “Moonlight.” Both movies...

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Most anticipated shows of 2017

2016 was arguably one of the best years for TV in recent memory. HBO’s “Westworld” redefined storytelling; Showtime’s “Shameless” had one of its best seasons to date and FX’s Golden Globe-winning “Atlanta” gave viewers something entirely original in a comedy with brilliant political messaging. 2017 will see reboots of longtime fan favorites and will also see beloved shows make returns from a multi-year hiatus. With so many channels and streaming services, the television industry has never been more competitive, and it is sure to give every type of viewer something to enjoy. “American Gods” Set to premiere on Starz...

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Netflix’s ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ is anything but unfortunate

One of the most depressive book series for kids, “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,” has gone through a tumultuous past of poor adaptations. “Tumultuous,” is a word which here means “confusing” or “disorderly.” However, as it often does, Netflix breathed new life into this classic series. While stunningly popular children’s series like “Harry Potter” had an immediate claim to success with a cinematic adaptation, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” had – for lack of a better word—an unfortunate run with Nickelodeon’s 2004 big-screen adaptation starring Jim Carrey. Screenwriter Robert Gordon rewrote the original screenplay by Daniel Handler...

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2017’s most anticipated movies

It has been a great year for movie entertainment in 2016. “La La Land” proved that musicals can be cool; Disney expanded into the South Pacific, and four women wielded proton packs. But 2017 is going to be the year of sequels, superheroes and reboots. There are going to be over 20 sequels to be released throughout the year. As for reboots, Dwayne Johnson seems to have found a role in quite a few of them, such as “Baywatch.” There is a reason for any and every movie fan to get excited. Below is a list of the most...

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Lin-Manuel Miranda named Entertainer of the Year

The Associated Press has named Lin-Manuel Miranda the 2016 Entertainer of the Year. It’s no surprise following the year that Miranda has had. When Miranda hosted “Saturday Night Live” in October, he told the viewing audience, “Most of you watching at home have no idea who I am.” While you may not know the name, you’ve probably heard of the entertainer. Perhaps his most landmark achievement, “Hamilton” is one of the top musicals to ever hit Broadway. Miranda and his musical won 11 Tony awards on June 12, just hours after the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting. With his acceptance...

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‘Rogue One’ brings dark themes to ‘Star Wars’ saga

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” perhaps the most anticipated film of 2016 was released on Friday, Dec. 16. “Rogue One” takes place between the third and fourth episodes of the “Star Wars” saga. The film centers around the Rebel Alliance’s mission to seal the Death Star blueprints from the Galactic Empire. “Rogue One” does a successful job introducing the stand-alone story, bringing in many new characters to the “Star Wars” universe that will have a lasting legacy. Reprogrammed Rebel Droid K-2SO steals the show repeatedly with witty one-liners and brilliantly timed punchlines. Where “Rogue One” really prospers is...

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Victoria’s Secret models strut their stuff on a star-studded runway

As the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to be held in Paris, all models were extremely excited to travel to the City of Lights. At 51 models, the most the show has ever seen, 18 of those models had never walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret before. All of the models traveled together on a private plane, dressed in matching VS Fashion Show 2016 crop tops and white high-waisted skinny jeans. After riding a few charter buses to the venue, the models began getting ready for the show. In an interview featured in a segment of the fashion show,...

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