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Narrative Coffee Roasters to brew coffee that ‘cultivates community and culture’

Narrative Coffee Roasters is an up-and-coming local coffee shop. Created by three friends, this coffee company has big plans for the Fort Myers area. Mason, the company’s graphic designer, has been living in Fort Myers since 2013. He loves the culture and is excited to see it grow. Clayton, the CFO, has had a passion for the art of coffee and has dived head first into the world of bean brewery. Caleb is a self-proclaimed roast master who has been in the business since 2010. He is passionate about the communication that coffee can bring. Eagle News reached out...

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FGCU alumni become their own bosses with Elements Real Food cafe

FGCU alumni Jenni Bier and her husband, Zack, knew they wanted to be their own bosses and leave the routine grind of their day jobs. Starting with a student loan, the couple turned the uncertainty of their future into the successful Elements Real Food brick-and-mortar restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina. “With having barely any money at all to start a business, a food truck seemed like a viable plan toward entrepreneurship,” Zack said. “Even when we were in college at FGCU, Jenni was always interested in healthy food and that whole world. We’d always have potlucks with our friends...

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FDA stamps seal of approval for Costa Rica growing genetically modified ‘pink pineapples’

Pineapples with a hot pink and outstandingly sweet interior will soon be stocked in almost every produce aisle across the United States. Since the genetic modification of yellow pineapples in 2005, Del Monte Fresh Produce (DMFP) recently received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, to sell the genetically modified pink pineapple in U.S. grocery stores. While no official statement has been released from Del Monte as to what motive was behind the engineering of a pink pineapple, numerous people could speculate that the color pink is seemingly more pleasing to the eye which, in turn, could boost produce...

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Starbucks closes Teavana Fine Tea and Tea Bars, Coconut Point location closes permanently

After just three years of operation, Starbucks will close its Teavana Fine Tea and Tea Bars and convert them into Starbucks stores. The premium tea retailer first opened in 1997 at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia and eventually opened the first Fort Myers retail storefront in 2006. Recently, the Teavana location in Coconut Point has permanently closed its doors after a decade of service. Teavana specializes in mixology and global tea culture with hundreds of loose-leaf tea blends, including “blooming” white, rooibos, herbal, green and black teas. In total, Teavana operated nearly 350 retailers across North America, according to...

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Pea-based milk is more than just a trend

Health-conscious consumers have started loading up on milks of every variety, including macadamia, almond and coconut milks. With developing technology and the consumer’s growing desire for plant-based foods and dairy alternatives, one does wonder: what will milk be made out of next? The latest milk product comes from the yellow pea. Ripple, the leading company of this new trend, has found a way to extract the nutrients from yellow peas and make it creamy and tasty enough for human consumption. Here are a few things this small-but-mighty vegetable-based milk has in store for your organs. Free of any allergens...

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New and noteworthy restaurants in SWFL

Just in time for Southwest Florida’s tourist  season, numerous restaurants are coming to local market. Pleasing taco aficionados and hot dog junkies alike, the areas spanning from Fort Myers to North Naples are beginning to feature a refreshing twist on inexpensive spots to fill your stomachs. Fine Folk Pizza  Address: 11300 Lindbergh Boulevard #114 | Fort Myers, Florida 33913 New Jersey transplants serving up some seriously phenomenal pizza even the most critical pizza advocates can appreciate.  From a bruschetta style pizza to a more daring buffalo style sauced pizza, Fine Folk Pizza has something for everyone.  If the restaurant’s...

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New year, new foods

A new year often prompts individuals to start making healthy changes.  Nonetheless, with all of the diet fads around the block, where to begin can make for a difficult decision. The simplest place to start is breakfast. Instead of driving to Starbucks for the first meal of the day, try incorporating these healthy breakfast alternatives into your daily routine. Toss the white bread in the trash and go ancient with your grains: Bread crafted from sprouted grain tends to be rough in texture, and is great for the gut. The increased amount of nutrients and low amounts of anti-nutrients...

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First Watch for breakfast and lunch

Sometimes, you just want to get away from the that normal toast-and-cereal breakfast that any college kid is used to. While it may be a little expensive, First Watch offers a great selection for that end of the year treat-yourself day. Open from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and located in Gulf Coast Town Center, the daytime café is a chain for a health-minded breakfast and lunch. When you walk into the restaurant, you’re greeted with rustic, boarded walls, cute tables that look straight out of that fairytale café in a romance flick, and servers who are happy to...

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Know your cooking oils

Thanksgiving is officially over, and it’s finally off to the winter holidays. More often than not, Christmas, Hanukkah Kwanza and the New Year all involve some type of cooking.  Whether it’s baking, grilling or frying, we are all ready to dust off the old family recipes and get to work in the kitchen. Breaking out the butter, margarine or Crisco may lead us to heavily consider new health trends and how we make our family’s recipes. Truth be told, particular cooking oils may not be able to handle the high temperatures that our holiday cooking may require. When oils...

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The Marlin Bar blends casual dining with Tommy Bahama retail store

Tommy Bahama has done it again, expanding their original clothes-only location to include a new dining hot spot — The Marlin Bar. Located right across the street from their old location, The Marlin Bar features fabulous outdoor seating and a come-as-you-are atmosphere. The Marlin Bar mixes Tommy’s typical island style with a modern flare. The process is simple:  grab a menu, seat yourself and then order at the bar.  After your order is in, the bar’s staff will take care of your every need, including cocktail refills and bill drop-off. There are plenty of seating options at the bar,...

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