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Eaglepalooza 2016 brings the house down

Eaglepalooza 2016 brings the house down
EN Photo / Travis Brown

On Nov. 18, FGCU students lined up for this year’s Eaglepalooza, an annual musical event that is put on by FGCU’s programming board. In the past, the even has hosted Big Sean, YG, J. Cole and tonight, D.R.A.M., Baaeur and T-Pain.

This year, Eaglepalooza combined the old with the new, with it’s unique line-up of artists that excited FGCU students and brought in a crowd of over 2,000.

“We’ve been trying new things this year and I think they’re really paying off,” said Joseph Novicky, a member of FGCU’s Programming Board. “We’ve never had it set up festival style like this before, where all of the artists are of equal importance.”

FGCU EaglePalooza

EN Photo / Travis Brown

The event was hosted at the Germain Arena, whose hockey rink was traded out for platforms, a stage and lights ready to set the show.

“I’m most excited to see T-Pain,” FGCU junior, Sierra Shophauker, said as she waited in the line leading to the arena. “I want to hear the throwback songs!”

Hannah Cochly and Ereia Alexander, both FGCU Juniors, are no strangers to Eaglepalooza.

“It’s my second time going to Eaglepalooza, and I’m excited for T-Pain and Baauer too because I like EDM stuff,” said Cochly.

“She likes the EDM stuff; I’m sticking with T-Pain,” Alexander said, laughing. “T-Pizzle for life.”

Inside the arena, blue and green neon bracelets blinked through the crowd, adding to the excited energy as FGCU students awaited the concert.

FGCU EaglePalooza 2016

EN Photo / Travis Brown

Before Baauer and T-Pain made their entrances, D.R.A.M. started the concert and hyped up the crowd. With goofy dancing and popular hits like “Cha Cha” and “Broccoli,” he made the crowd excited and hungry for more.

Baauer played in the middle for about 45 minutes, keeping the crowd’s energy very much alive with banging EDM beats mixed with top-of-the-charts hits.

FGCU EaglePalooza 2016

EN Photo / Travis Brown

T-Pain closed the show, playing all of the crowd’s favorites from previous years, as well as introducing new music, rapidly rapping without a beat and displaying his impressive voice with soulful renditions of his older hits.

Eaglepalooza left fans satisfied with a fun an upbeat concert for everyone, appealing both to students’ nostalgia and the desire for something fresh.

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