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The mysterious box on FGCU’s Alumni Legacy Plaza has finally been unveiled

The mysterious box on FGCU’s Alumni Legacy Plaza has finally been unveiled
EN photo by Raphaella Matta. The newest addition to FGCU's campus is the bronze bench on the Alumni Legacy Plaza.

By Leah Sankey

News & Features Editor

A black tarp covered the newest addition to FGCU’s campus at the start of the Reveal Party on Thursday, Sept. 12. The tarp was uncovered to reveal a flashy bronze bench with a life-sized bronze replica of Azul the eagle, FGCU’s mascot.

The bench is a collaboration between FGCU’s student government and the student alumni.

A photo booth was set up so that attendees could pose with the bronze Azul on the bench. The event also offered free food and t-shirts.

“It all ties into this central idea that we want to increase campus culture and campus spirit. When you walk onto campus, we want them to feel that they’re at FGCU,” said Josh Ballin, FGCU’s student body president. “We want that school pride to be everywhere. That is an important part of the FGCU effect.”

“So, you take something like this, a blank wall, and you turn it into this green and blue photo op with our mascot, Azul,” said Ballin. “So, things like this, some of them are large, like this. Some of them are smaller but still make huge impacts.”

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