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‘Friends with benefits’ can be tricky

‘Friends with benefits’ can be tricky

By Ashley Robbin Communication, junior

While I believe Ashley Scott is correct about the “no fuss” when it comes to friends with benefits, what happens when feelings arise? Sure, it is great for a month or two but what really happens if one partner decides they have a major crush on the other partner? This seems to be a common thing among a few of my friends – luckily for them they started dating their partner. In the article, Scott speaks about college kids not having the time to start a relationship and part of this reason is poor communication, when in my opinion, if you can balance everything in your life as well as friends with benefits, should you not be able to handle a traditional relationship as well? Being a college student myself, I struggle with this challenge all the time: how much time I spend doing my homework, working and seeing my boyfriend. Like she mentioned, it is all about balance, and everyone could take a little time to find the right balance in their life.

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