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Meet the Eagle News Staff



Zack is a senior majoring in journalism. Set to finish his degree in the Spring of 2018, Zack hopes to be working in our nation’s Capitol upon graduation. When he isn’t in the newsroom, Zack can be found reading, writing, watching or breathing politics. Being that Zack is also a Constitutional-law nerd, it would be wise not to bring up Citizen’s United around him if you’re running short on time. He is likely to not stop talking.

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Managing Editor

Sarajane Sullivan is a junior majoring in journalism at FGCU. She likes correcting grammar, keeping up with current events and asking questions. She found these traits made for a natural transition into the journalism world. When she’s not in the newsroom, she’s either selling books at her “fun job” or continuously riding Splash Mountain until they have to physically remove her at park close.

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Business Manager

Yves Firestone is a senior at FGCU studying Marketing as his major and Advertising as a minor. He is very excited to have started his tenure as Eagle Media’s Business Manager for the school year 2017- 2018. Aside from hustling and making sales calls, he likes to play basketball, shoot pool, go biking and look at dank memes. He transferred to FGCU from FSW in Fort Myers, where he received his Associates Degree in Arts. After he graduates with a bachelor’s degree next year, he plans to start his own marketing firm, and/or continue his father’s advertising agency, Firestone Advertising.

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Audrey Mobley

Graphics Editor

Audrey is a junior studying digital media design at Florida Gulf Coast University. You’ll typically find her making graphics for Eagle News, working in the FGCU Archives, or working on her many other personal projects. She loves to play video games in her free time and hang out with her friends and boyfriend. She hopes to one day work for a design studio creating designs for popular brands and companies all over the world.

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Aubrey Westmoreland

Media Editor 

Aubrey is a senior studying journalism at Florida Gulf Coast University. She loves photography, hiking and vegan food. Aubrey adores anything having to do with animals and is the proud parent of an American Bulldog pup. When she’s not posting articles on the website, you may find her eating at Chipotle, binge watching Game of Thrones, or dancing to GROUPLOVE in her room. She loves all things social media and hopes to travel the world after she graduates.

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News Editor

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Sports Editor

Emily Kois is a junior majoring in communication and minoring in journalism. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, she is happy to be bringing you sports from one of the most beautiful places – Fort Myers. She has a passion for sports and is super excited to be down on the court or on the field bringing you reports from our beloved teams. Beyond her love for writing and reporting sports news, you can find her at the gym or enjoying the outdoors, especially the beach. You’ll most likely see her around campus in a baseball hat and an oversized T-shirt. She’s looking forward to bringing you the highs and lows of our FGCU sports teams.

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Deanna Simmons

Assistant Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor

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Nicholas Michel

Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor

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 Sydney Van Dreason

Assistant Opinion Editor

Sydney is a junior studying English and creative writing with the dream of becoming a published author one day. When she is  not writing short stories or articles for Eagle News, she is most likely binge-watching “Once Upon a Time,” or dancing around her room to Disney music. You’ll probably never see her without a book, notebook and pen. If you ever see her in the newsroom or around campus, feel free to say “hi” and chat with her for a bit. She promises, she will manage to work a “Harry Potter” quote, Disney song lyric or “Friends” reference into the conversation somehow.

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Bruno Halpern

Opinion Editor

Bruno is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is used to mountains with abundant forests and crooked roads in-between old buildings. Although he loves the mountains, he decided to move to Florida. Here, he feels dazzled by the endless horizon. He likes anything cozy, stupid jokes, to travel and to share stories and experiences. He’s a nerd. Although the Lord of the Rings trilogy is his favorite movie, Harry Potter is his favorite nerdy series. He also loves Game of Thrones, Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda. As you can see, he wishes that he was Link with a wand riding a Nazgul in outer space. Although he likes to listen to various music styles, his favorite bands are The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen. He also loves movie scores fiercely and wishes his life was composed by John Williams. His dream is to be a film director and to get his novel published. If nothing comes out of that, he will settle for being Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times or doing advertising with Wieden+Kennedy.

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Javier Moncada

Photography Editor

Javier Moncada is currently a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University who is majoring in journalism and minoring in interdisciplinary studies. He is a Florida native who was born in Miami and moved to the Southwest Florida region at a young age. Javier is huge tech nerd who happens to work as an IT technician at FGCU too. He enjoys reading up on the latest tech trends and likes to tinker with computers when he gets a chance too. Javier is also huge film buff who is always up to talk about theories over a cup coffee. His favorite movie is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Javier can usually be found at FGCU wearing a black hat, shades and high socks. He also tries to keep active by skating and going to a local gym. Javier hopes to get a photography job when he graduates and travel the world covering historic events that will be written down in the history books.

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Eagle News TV Staff

Shylah Soares

ENTV Director

Shylah Soares is a junior seeking a major in communication with a minor in journalism. Her hometown is Fort Lauderdale, FL, where she has lived her entire life. Last year, she was the Sports Content Manager and enjoyed reporting all the latest sports news and games. She has always been interested in broadcasting and being in front of the camera, which put her in the hands of ENTV last year. Her favorite thing to report is sports, preferably soccer or basketball. Her other interests include astrology (she’s a Scorpio), food, and acting. She looks forward to keeping you updated with FGCU’s latest news and keeping you in the know with your FGCU Eagles Sports teams!

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