Shave the date! St. Baldrick’s Day is coming

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is
coming to Florida Gulf Coast University
once again to help raise money and
awareness for research for childhood
Catherine Gorman, an organizer
for this event at FGCU, explained the
purpose of St. Baldrick’s, “They do this
in a fun way by having head-shaving
events for volunteers to come and get
their head shaved to raise awareness for
childhood cancer in order to empathize
with the children who have to undergo
chemotherapy as well,” she said.
Some of the sponsors of the event
include Jimmy John’s Gourmet
Sandwiches, which will be giving
free food throughout the event, and
Zervos’ Salon, which will be doing the
professional head shaving. In fact, the
owner of Jimmy John’s, who is an FGCU
alumnus, will be getting his head shaved
along with many others who are willing
to give up their locks for a child in need.
This year, some professors have
decided to give up their hair for St.
Baldrick’s. The list includes Sean Kelly,
Masami Sugimori, Charles Gunnels,
Timothy Sutton, coach C.J. Weber,
professor Jesse Millner and Thomas
Stefaniuk. Seven women also shaved
their heads last year.
James Till, a junior majoring in
biology and minoring in chemistry
and philosophy, has participated in St.
Baldrick’s since he started attending
“Being able to increase awareness
and raise money toward curing the
horrible diseases that affect the most
precious generation in society means
a lot to me, and with such a simple,
symbolic gesture, I can show my support
without words,” he said.
Karen Muhl, a sophomore and
business/fi nance major, and another
organizer for the St. Baldrick’s event,
said she has high hopes for this
upcoming event. She says, “I’m really
excited for this year. We’re hoping to
raise $9,000.”
Childhood cancer is becoming
more and more of a threat to children.
Claire Gorman, a senior and Business
Management/Communications major
and another organizer, said that, “one in
fi ve children diagnosed with childhood
cancer will not survive, and a majority
have long-lasting effects of the treatment
for the remainder of their lives.”
Gorman also said, “Children with childhood cancer, just like when you were a child,
and you had to take children’s Tylenol, they have to be treated differently. So although
there’s a lot of research that’s going towards cancer, it’s not necessarily going towards
childhood cancer.”
Gorman also said, “In our first year of St. Baldrick’s Day, we actually had a little boy
shave his head and he donated his tooth fairy money, which was really, really cute.”
The St. Baldrick’s event will take place at the FGCU Veteran’s Pavilion on Nov. 6,
from 11 A.M-5 P.M. Gorman added, “If you get your head shaved or if you volunteer for
the event, you will be entered into a raffle for Eaglepalooza tickets!” Donations can be
brought to the event or made online at