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Pretty Little Liars returns for final season

For six seasons, the mysterious “A” has hunted, haunted and taunted the pretty little liars. The narrator of the special “5 Years Forward” episode of “Pretty Little Liars” begins. After years of living in terror, they finally discovered the true identity of their tormentor.
Freeform aired both the special episode “5 Years Forward” on Nov. 24, 2015 and the eleventh episode of the sixth and final season two months later this past Monday.
“Pretty Little Liars” first aired June 8, 2010 and is based off of the novels with the same title, written by Sara Shepard. It has released six seasons and 131 episodes following the lives of four girls who soon become closer than ever once their fifth friend and leader of their pack is found dead.
It’s shared where the best friends have been these last few years. Aria becomes an author. Hanna works in the fashion business. Spencer is a lobbyist (though she claims not to be so) in Washington D.C., and Emily is shown to be a bartender, but is asked about her schooling. Other characters reappear such as Toby, who is still a police officer, Mona, who is also working in the government and Caleb. Radley Sanitarium had been transformed into a hotel by Hanna’s mother, and Spencer’s mother is running for State Senate.
The episode continues with the theme of five years into the future of the girls’ lives, now that the true identity of “A” had been revealed. The long-awaited episode had a refreshing and new feel to the plot, making it seem as though it were the beginning to an entirely new series. Reunited by the demons of their past, Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Ali and Mona are given the opportunity to give their opinion regarding their tormentor’s release from the hospital they were admitted to after the finale of the tenth episode last year.
If you have watched the series from the beginning until this point, or at least watched the first ever episode, déjà vu will hit you tremendously toward the end of the 40-minute long episode when the pretty little liars find themselves at yet another funeral and involved within yet another police case. Enough hangers have been left everywhere regarding many different situations within the episode that it is clear this show is neither over just yet nor will it be over soon enough.
“Of Late I Think of Rosewood” is the continuation episode of the sixth season, and there are nine episodes to follow. The next episode, “Charlotte’s Web,” is scheduled  to air Jan. 19 on ABC Family’s new name Freeform.

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