Netflix releases premiere dates for 11 series

On Jan. 17, the streaming website Netflix released premiere dates for several upcoming comedy and kid series. It has also revealed the renewal of its acclaimed drama, “Marvel’s Jessica Jones.”

“Orange is the New Black” will return for its fourth season on June 17.

“Orange is the New Black” will return for its fourth season on Friday, June 17. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” returns Friday, April 15 for its second season. Then, the second season of “Grace and Frankie” will debut on Friday, May 6.
As for the new series, Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down” is a music-driven drama set in the 1970s in New York City. A South Bronx crew of teenagers is trying to make a name for themselves during the birth of hip-hop, punk and disco. The cast includes Shameik Moore, Justice Smith and Jaden Smith. “The Get Down” is scheduled to release on Friday, Aug. 12.
“Flaked,” the Will Arnett comedy, debuts on Friday, March 11. The series follows Arnett’s character who falls for the object of his best friend’s fascination and takes place in Venice, California. This eight-episode series also stars David Sullivan, Ruth Kearney and George Basil. Arnett, Mark Chappell, Ben Silverman, Peter Principato and Mitch Hurwitz created the series.
Ashton Kutcher (left) and Danny Masterson reunite in Netflix’s “The Ranch.”

Another series, called “The Ranch,” follows the story of Colt’s return home after a brief and failed attempt at a football career. He returns home and starts running the family’s ranching business with his older brother Jameson and his father Beau, whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years. The show stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. Kutcher, Masterson, Don Reo and Jim Patterson are the executive producers of “The Ranch.” The series premieres Friday, April 1.
The new series, “Stranger Things,” tells the story of how friends, family and the local police are all drawn toward the mystery of a little boy who vanishes into thin air, believing it has something to do with supernatural forces. The series stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour and Finn Wolfhard. The show is set to premiere Friday, July 15.
“Marseille” tells the story of a French mayor, portrayed by Gerard Depardieu, on how he pushes through the vote for the construction of a casino in the center of the marina. Leaving nothing to chance, he has a Taro choose his successor, only to later discover that their all-consuming ambition impedes the mayor’s plans. Benoit Magimel, Geraldine Pailhas and Nadia Fares are also a part of the show’s cast. “Marseille” will debut on Thursday, May 5.
For the younger audience, “Lost & Found Music Studios” is a live action series that follows a group of talented musicians who struggle with their authentic sound. This premieres on Friday, April 1. Also, the vocabulary building show, “Word Party” debuts on Friday, June 3.
Set in 2050, the new original series “Kong: King of Apes” is set to air on Netflix in 2016.

The animated series, “Kong: King of the Apes,” a futuristic take on the classic King Kong story, will make its debut on Friday, April 15. The series is set in 2050, and it finds Alcatraz Island transformed into a Natural History and Marine Preserve. But, when the main attraction goes ape, Kong becomes public enemy No. 1. The only way to stop him is three young humans who are willing to risk their lives to save humankind.

Here is a chronological list of when the shows are released:

Flaked – March 11
The Ranch – April 1
Lost & Found Music Studios – April 1
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – April 15
Kong: King of the Apes – April 15
Marseille – May 5
Grace and Frankie – May 6
Word Party – June 3
Stranger Things – July 15
The Get Down – Aug. 12