ABC television series ‘American Crime’ returns for a second season

High school, for a lot of us, was a place full of teens going through awkward stages and trying to find where they fit in. The ABC television series, “American Crime,” drops us in a high school not much different from the ones we attended.
This season focuses on an elite preparatory high school where it’s clear that money talks, and those who have it hold all of the power. Things may seem pretty normal at fi rst, but one quickly learns that the series is titled “American Crime” for a reason.
The school revolves around its basketball team and their star player, Kevin. When Kevin and another team captain decide to throw a party, the night quickly takes a turn for the worse. The night ends with the alleged drugging and rape of a male student, Taylor.
Being that Taylor isn’t wealthy like the other students and is able to attend the school based on financial aid, it’s clear that the school turns their back on him. In an effort to protect their own, the school tries to sweep everything under the rug and keep Taylor and his mother quiet.
This season of American Crime follows the uphill battle Taylor and his mother face as they take on the system in search of justice. What really happened that night? Will the school fi nally open their eyes and do what’s right? How will this affect Kevin and his basketball future? Will Taylor get the justice he deserves?
So many questions will be answered throughout this season. Featuring a strong cast — highlighted by Regina King, who won an Emmy for her role in the first season of American Crime, and Timothy Hutton, who is highly decorated in his own right — American Crime does a terrifi c job in presenting such a believable and, in a way, relatable story.
If you haven’t watched American Crime this season, it isn’t too late. The fi rst two episodes can be found on various streaming services such as Hulu and Xfinity On Demand, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday at 10 p.m. (eastern) on ABC.