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DIY Easter: Paint your eggs with nail polish, food or sharpie

Americans spend nearly $14.7 billion annually on Easter candy, gift baskets and – of course – eggs and egg dye during the Easter holiday, according to an Elite Daily article published April 2015.

The tradition of dying Easter eggs first began when thirteenth-century Macedonians used colored eggs in celebration of the Christian belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, the event in which we now refer to as Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

We have since evolved our Easter egg dying skills to include natural and organic dyes, glittery designs and even typography-inspired styles.

Here are a few ways that you can dress up your Easter eggs and take part in the spring festivities.

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Babble: Simple Step- By-Step Guide to Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Go back to the roots (literally) and turn your Easter eggs bright and vibrant hues of blue, green and pink with different plants, veggies and even coffee.

Use red beets, turmeric, spinach, black coffee and cabbage to achieve natural colors with ingredients you already have in your home. For the best results, boil eggs with dye or leave eggs submerged in dye in the fridge overnight.

Lovely Indeed: DIY Typography Easter Eggs

These eggs require some crafty DIY skills, contact paper, an X-Acto knife, craft paint, paintbrushes and tweezers.

Simply type out a phrase to fi t onto the eggs, cut out into a stencil with the X-Acto knife, lay them onto your pre-colored eggs and paint over the letters. Let it dry and you’ve got eggs that speak for themselves.

Hello Glow: DIY Nail Polish Marbled Eggs

For nail polish enthusiasts, decorate your Easter eggs with the same marbled look you love to wear.

Gather any shade of nail polish (we recommend pastels for a fresh, spring look), fill a plastic container with room temperature water, pour in the paints and marble the colors by swirling a toothpick around in the container. Pinch the egg between your fi ngers, dunk it straight in and hold for a few seconds, and slowly bring the egg out of the water. Set in a carton dry and clean the polish off of your fingers with nail polish remover (you will get messy).

Cutesy Crafts: Sharpie Easter Eggs

Sharpies make DIY-ing extremely easy, especially with this Easter egg decoration. Place a silhouetted sticker on an un-dyed egg and start to dot around the stickers edges, dotting heavily closer to the sticker and less as you move outwards from the center of the egg.

The Crafted Life: DIY Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

When in doubt, picking up a pack of cheap temporary tattoos can serve as a messfree egg-dyeing alternative. Find tattoos with your favorite cartoons, superheroes, video game characters or catchy sayings. Try tribal, gold and silver bohemian tattoos for a simple, minimalistic design to your Easter Eggs.

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