DNCE “Toothbrush” music video is a step forward into body positivity for women

Front man of DNCE and former JoBro, Joe Jonas, knew how big of a career risk it would be when he, JinJoo Lee (guitarist), Cole Whittle (bassist) and former Jonas Brother drummer Jack Lawless came together to form the funk-R&B group.
“It’s a big risk,” he opened up to Billboard.com when their debut single, “Cake by the Ocean,” hit the charts last year. “It’s easy to be judgmental if you’re a fan of a band for years and somebody steps off and does their own thing.”
The single is one of four songs on the group’s debut EP, “Swaay.” Although the music video for “Cake by the Ocean” accumulated almost 100 million views, there’s something more interesting — and honestly, important — about the music video for “Toothbrush.”
The music video for “Toothbrush” hit YouTube yesterday, and there’s a familiar face starring as the girl of the story.
Ashley Graham became the first plus-size model to be featured on the cover of the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue. An American model, Graham has gained attention for this “groundbreaking” step forward in the world of body positivity.
“Of course, the fact that this is still considered groundbreaking is more than a little frustrating,” Ella Ceron of TeenVogue.com wrote. “Why has it taken Hollywood so long to get the memo that gorgeous women come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no single definition of what a ‘real’ woman should look like?”
It is clear that Graham is nothing less than the love interest in the video, which is categorized today as, again, groundbreaking.
As for the music video itself, part of it takes place in what is the bedroom of a luxurious city loft. Jonas and Graham show some serious relationship goals during their pillow fight, slow dance in the bedroom and giggly pillow talk. Even when they run to catch a cab or have a moment alone at the club, with the lyrics “you can leave a toothbrush at my place,” it is clear that this song is an anthem of love.