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It is time for ‘The Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher to find love

It’s been about two months since Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor” ended, and for those who are looking for a new story to follow, look no further. Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher is here as the new “The Bachelorette.” The show premiered on May 23 on ABC, and by the end of night, viewers have already seen Santa, a unicorn and a peak into the secret interview room (thanks to some drunk contestants). Not what you were expecting? Well, this show never is.
In case you don’t know who JoJo is (if for some reason, you did not watch the last season of “The Bachelor”) or you just forgot about her, here is a little recap. In typical “Bachelor” fashion, the show starts off the new season by showing a quick highlight reel of all of “Bachelorette” JoJo’s best/worst moments from the past season. Do you remember when she first met Higgins in that unicorn mask? Or when ABC almost killed her with a helicopter? But the scene that could’ve been left out was when Higgins told JoJo that he loved her but to then go and completely blindsided her by choosing someone else.
But, based off of the first episode, it looks like JoJo is ready to move on. She constantly said that she is ready to meet the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. However, JoJo should stay away from the phrase, “I’m excited for whatever comes my way.” Knowing this show, half of what comes your way should cause you to run the other way.
Starting off the season, JoJo invites somewhat successful Bachelorettes from past seasons to give her some advice. JoJo talked to Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock and Ali Fedotowsky, who, long story short, encouraged her to kiss on the first night and that if she finds herself really interested in a couple guys to ignore them the first week so the other guys have an opportunity.
But, enough about them, let’s talk about the men. After host Chris Harrison gives JoJo the typical introduction, the limo rolls forward with JoJo’s potential husbands.
The standouts from the first episode are Jordan (Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers’ little brother), who, off the bat, I believe has a good shot at winning this whole competition. JoJo apparently agrees because she awarded him the first impression rose. Another favorite from the night was country boy Luke, who won JoJo over with not only his entrance on a unicorn but by also embracing their Texan roots and giving her a pair of cowboy boots. Also, singer-songwriter James Taylor made a big impression on JoJo by serenading her when he walked out of the limo. But, one of my personal favorites was Chase. He was calm and collected and just let the guys around him make the mistakes before swooping in to make a big move. I appreciate that.
Last but not least, is our villain Chad because every show has one, right? Throughout the entire night, Chad would be saying some pretty hurtful things during his one-on-one interviews directed toward the other contestants and even Higgins. It was no shocker that JoJo decided to keep him around, she did admit to falling for the “bad boy” type. I am pretty sure he will be sticking around to stir up trouble for awhile.
Of course, not all of the men were winners. Such as Nick S., who got disgustingly drunk and then barged in on JoJo filming her one-on-one interview. During the rose ceremony, he looked like he was about to pass out any moment. Another bachelor who was sent home was Jonathan. Arriving in a kilt due to his half-Scottish heritage is fine, but telling JoJo he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Yeah, you sealed your fate, buddy.
The only selection during the rose ceremony I was completely confused about was Daniel. Hailing from Canada (also, his listed occupation on the show is “Canadian”), Daniel was also one of the other contestants to get drunk, but he took it a step farther by stripping down to his underwear and jumping into the pool. Basically, he was causing a scene, and it seemed like JoJo wasn’t having it, yelling, “Put your clothes back on.” Yet, she chose him to stay. Obviously, this was a network decision.
Before the show premiered, all the commercials for the show were showcasing former bachelor Jake Pavelka showing up during the rose ceremony and pulling JoJo aside. This causes all the guys to panic and freak out, and quite frankly, I was freaking out too. Thankfully, Pavelka is just an old friend of JoJo’s who wanted to give her some friendly advice. Was this necessary? Nope. But, thanks, Pavelka. I am glad you flew all the way out there to give her some advice.
So, as Pavelka walked away, JoJo gave roses to Luke, Wells, James T., Grant, Derek, Christian, Chad, Chase, Alex, Robby, Brandon, James F., Ali, Saint Nick (this is the guy who showed up in a Santa Claus costume), Will, James S., Vinny, Evan and Daniel. That means Jonathan, Jake, Sal, Coley, Nick S. and Peter went home.
As for who I think will be in the final four, I believe it will come down to retired quarterback Jordan, the underdog Chase, musician James Tyler and country boy Luke. After the first episode, I feel these four are definitely a clear depiction on where this season is going to go.
But, who knows? I could be completely wrong. I was totally convinced that Amanda was going to win over Higgins’ heart last season, but he went with Lauren B. instead.
At the end of the episode, ABC played a season promo full of tears and surprisingly, blood. If this is any indication, this season is going to be a crazy one, and I am officially scared of Chad.

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