The generation that will change it all

We all have the power to make a difference in the world. The millennial generation has an opportunity to take part in something that no other generation before it could imagine doing.
As we grow from young dependents into mature independents, we have the power to make our voices heard.
A perfect example of this is the incredible story of Harambe, the gorilla that was fatefully shot by Cincinnati Zoo officials after a child climbed into his exhibit three months ago.

Photo courtesy of Reuters

The nation went crazy, and no matter what social app you opened, Harambe was trending. Now, three months later, the issue is still at the forefront of the media landscape. Almost everyone has come together in some way, whether in support or opposition, to share their opinions about Harambe’s death.
As our generation grows up, our experiences are shaping us into the people we are going to become. Our opinions are growing stronger. Our voices are ready to be heard. Our contribution to human history is ready to be made.
For the first time, we can share our ideas with the world, using just a few taps on our phones. Our arguments become stronger as access to online publications become much easier to obtain. We can form strong opinions about what we believe in, making us better candidates to promote change in the world.
Social media has allowed us to express our ideas and opinions with everyone. These enormous communities of users can express their ideas in text, pictures, videos and even emojis.
Voices are heard in many different ways. I believe this ability is what can help us change the world because we can rally people together to fight for the cause.
Harambe’s story is important because the nation is becoming increasingly aware of the cruel treatment of animals, but there are other issues that we should be focusing on as well.
This incredible unity could be replicated and put to good use for other major problems in our nation. There should be a national movement in which people are fighting to provide homes for homeless veterans or to end child poverty.
Think about all the problems in our society: global warming, sexism, racism, homophobia, cancer, terrorism, drug abuse, gun control, immigration, unfair wages — the list goes on.
Rather than sitting around and waiting for others to be proactive in ending these horrible injustices, people need to start movements of their own. In order to make our world the place we all dream, we have to do the dirty work ourselves.
Our generation has grown up with technology, and rather than, as some suggest, allowing it to hold us back, instead we have utilized the advances we have to make others aware of issues that should be changed. If everyone talks about issues, to the point that they trend globally, then maybe something will change. We know we have the power to do it because we have already done it with so many other things.
The Ice Bucket Challenge, Harlem Shake, the Gangnam style dance and Harambe are all examples of how easy it is for people to come together to make something go viral.
If we can get an entire nation to pour ice on their heads for ALS, dance to a foreign song and fight for a gorilla, then we can certainly inspire people to join together to battle the many problems in our society.