‘Atlanta’ coined the genre-bending brainchild of Donald Glover

Donald Glover has brought his new creative project to FX in the new hit show “Atlanta.” Glover is the creator, executive producer lead actor in the show.

Glover seems to be keen on taking over the entertainment industry, being involved in almost every facet of it. He started out as a writer for NBC’s “30 Rock,” then set his sights on the rap game under the name Childish Gambino. Many consider Gambino to be one of the better rappers in the scene, dropping two highly acclaimed projects such as “Camp” in 2011 and “Because of the Internet” in 2013. Glover has also had plenty of acting experience, starring in NBC’s hit show “Community” and had a supporting role in the movie “The Martian.”

“Atlanta” is about two cousins trying to make their way in the Atlanta rap game, and the many twists and turns that go on during their journey to success. Donald Glover plays the main character Earn, who has a lousy job, an unstable living situation and a young child to look out for. At work, he hears that his cousin, a rapper called “Paper Boi,” played by Brian Tyree Henry, has started to gain some serious popularity in the Atlanta community.

Earn sees this as an opportunity to better his life, so he contacts his cousin and offers to manage him.

“Atlanta’s” two-episode series premiere establishes a good formula. It mixes great comedy, brought on by Glover’s excellent comedic delivery and timing, with the show’s setting which is shot on location in Atlanta. The show takes place in a poor neighborhood, giving a unique portrayal of the struggle to be successful in such an environment. The everyday activities that the show portrays and the relevant issues it addresses are things that many people raised in urban areas can relate to.

The characters in “Atlanta” are some of the show’s most glowing assets. Earn is a Princeton dropout who never seems to be in the right situation, but has a certain resourcefulness about him that the audience respects. Paper Boi is exactly what one would expect after hearing his name, with money-making as his top priority in life. However, his love for the city of Atlanta, is just one of his redeeming qualities.

Another character is Darius, played by Keith Stanfield, who is Paper Boi’s best friend. Darius is always high, and is purely there for comedic reasons, saying the most outlandish things that will have the audience laughing.

It is tough to gauge what Glover’s intent is with this show. “Atlanta” cannot be confined to just the comedy genre, as it does have its dark moments, dealing with issues like police brutality, racial tension and mental illness.

“Atlanta” gives viewers a unique experience compared to what is on TV today. With Glover’s refreshing take of humor, and the excellent acting and production, “Atlanta” is a show to watch out for this fall.