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Why Clinton’s pneumonia scare is a non-issue

Concern for the health of the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has been made into a critical issue for this upcoming presidential election.
A suspicious stumble at the 9/11 ceremony, and an ominous pause at a democratic speech have people guessing whether or not Hillary will survive a minute in office without kicking the bucket. Some accusing the candidate of having cancer or epilepsy.
The point made against Clinton that she will not be able to perform her presidential duties while battling whatever ailment she is supposedly battling is ludicrous. Several notable past presidents have suffered some sort of disease, which may have eventually killed them, and turned out to be exceptional at the job.
Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt led the nation to victory in World War II, saw the American people through the Great Depression and was the only President in history to be elected four times. He was also suffering from polio and confined to a wheel chair.
Former President John F. Kennedy headed the space program to put a man on the moon, petitioned Congress to start the Peace Corps, had a hand in reforms during the Civil Rights Movement and prevented a potential nuclear disaster with Cuba. He also suffered with Addison’s disease, a disease affecting the adrenal glands that caused him many symptoms and required medication and steroids to control them.
His disorder had no effect on his ability to perform his presidential duties and also was not the reason he didn’t finish his term.
I have no opinion on whether or not Clinton will be the best candidate for the upcoming election, but her health will most likely have no bearing on her ability to do the job, as history has shown. Accusations have been thrown at both parties concerning the health of each party’s candidate. In reality, the health of a candidate should have no effect on a voter’s choice.
Recently Republican nominee Donald Trump, appeared on the television show Dr. Oz to prove that he was in great health, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get hit by a car tomorrow, or develop cancer in the next year. It also doesn’t mean that because of his ‘sparkling health review’ he will be a better choice for president.
It’s important to focus on candidates’ plans and actions instead of how well they fair in excessive heat. This isn’t survival of the fittest. It’s choosing the right person who will do the job to the best of their ability.

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