Fall fashion turns to street style influences

With the beginning of fall comes the beginning of new fashion trends.

While women’s and men’s fashion trends vary, there are also some crossovers. Taking the trends seen on the runway and in the streets and adding the opinions of some FGCU students, the best and worst trends of the season are here.

Fashion trends are subjective, and not every person feels the same way about them.

Within women’s fall fashion, sweaters, boots and leather always seem to find  their way into the biggest trends of the season. However, according to Vogue, another fabric that has become popular within fall fashion is velvet.

When asked if she would wear velvet clothing, Ani Drayton, 18, said, “If it makes me hot, I’m not with it.” However, velvet is a fabric that, when used properly, can actually feel cool.

Rachael Woodham, 18, said, “I like it when it’s on shirts, not dresses.”

“I wear what I have. I would (wear leather) if I didn’t live here,” said Vanessa Kraft, 18, when asked about her outlook on fashion.

However, other girls, like Morgan Prohaska, 18, have said that they “could do leather.”

The popular boots of the season, according to Vogue, are hiking boots. In many different styles, some with heels and some without, they can appeal to a lot of people with different tastes in fashion.

Among college students, the most common color is black, but the height of the heel always varies.

Cross body purses are an easy, cute way to hold all of your things with ease, and they are popular on and off the runway this fall. Many high end designers featured cross bodies on their runways this season, including Burberry.

Within men’s fall-fashion trends, the color copper has been used a lot. Seen on both the runway — used in shows such as Topman Designs — and in street style, the color is gaining a lot of attention.

While the industry is fond of the color, FGCU guys do not feel the same way.

“It’s more like blue and gray for me,” said Dylan Mertslufft, 20.

Silk fabric has also been used a lot this season. According to GQ, it’s the fabric of the season for men’s clothing.

Some FGCU guys couldn’t agree on whether they were for or against it. While Guy Massimo, 18, and Cedric Dunham, 18, said they wouldn’t try silk, other guys like Chris Keigharn, 18, Calvin Daily, 21, and Nicholi Brown, 18, said they would try it.

In contrast, designers are much more open to the idea of silk. Dolce & Gabbana used silk to create an entire suit for their New York Fashion Week show, and other designers like Ami used the fabric for jackets. Silk is usually most commonly used for dress shirts.

Trends are always hit or miss. Even if fabrics or colors are considered popular within the fashion world, guys — especially those in college — don’t pay as much attention to trends as they do to comfort. They tend to stick to what they know because that is what they like.

Girls’ perspectives on trends are similar, mostly due to lack of funds and the temperature.

It is difficult to follow trends created in cities like New York because up north, fall is cool. In Florida, especially Southwest Florida, warm fall trends are too hot for the outdoors.

So while you may see some trends in magazines, you most likely won’t see those same fashions on campus until winter, when the weather is slightly more ideal.