R.E.S.P.E.C.T.-ing others’ music tastes


Respect is
b e c o m i n g
somewhat of
a needle in
a haystack,
e s p e c i a l l y
among our
peers and in
pop culture.
While the lack
of respect for each other has
become almost the norm and
we have been desensitized to
it, with the Grammys around
the corner, the topic of music
and lack of respect for others’
preferences in music has become
almost unbearable. To give a
nod to Aretha Franklin’s 1967 hit,
“R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,” all I’m asking is for
a little respect.
We all have our own different
tastes in music. Some like
country, some like punk, some
like EDM and some even like
Lady Gaga.
Sometimes musical tastes
clash. Metallica fans usually
aren’t the biggest Katy Perry
fans, and Taylor Swift fans
probably aren’t rushing out to
buy Kanye’s newest album — and
that’s okay.
Just because to you dubstep
is just annoying noise doesn’t
discount dubstep as a form of art
and self-expression. Just because
you think rock is just screaming
and heavy guitar doesn’t mean it
doesn’t have meaning. Music is
subjective, and it means different
things to different people.
More often than not, people
tend to like some music based
simply on the status of it. The
“I knew them before they were
famous” trend has created elitist,
“cooler-than-thou,” and just plain
annoying fans who whine when
the artists that they supposedly
care about make it big. Just stop.
Listening to one genre of music
does not make anyone more
superior to someone else, nor
does it make someone’s opinion
any lesser.
Music is an art form, and like
a painting on a wall, it speaks to
each person differently. Some
music we might not understand;
some we may not like; some
we may believe speaks to us on
another level; others may just like
it because it’s something they can
get down and dirty and twerk to.
I’m not saying if you’re a country
fan you need to load your iPod up
with Wiz Khalifa; I’m saying you
should respect someone else’s
choice to listen to Wiz Khalifa.
Regardless of your preference, we
all need to learn to respect each
other’s tastes in music — unless
it’s Nickelback. Friends don’t let
friends listen to Nickelback.