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Celebrities start trend of going braless

Along with Beyoncé’s answer
to “Who runs the world?” came
the commando woman. Cut-out
dresses, lace backs and bare-itall
attitudes paved the way for
braless females, both in and out of
the bedroom. A few of these stars
are Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian
and Rihanna – all of whom have
been spotted on the red carpet
embracing their breasts’ natural
form. However, off the carpet,
a few females have carried this
style into their everyday lives,
wearing T-shirts with bras and
dresses without underwear. To
these women, their au naturale
outfits are more comfortable than
the straps and padding that plague
bras today. They [their breasts]
are able to roam free under the
top of the day, and may even grow
a bit if left free for a year – or so the
myth goes.
It is as if they are breaking
all social confines. While most
mothers and grandmothers
wouldn’t be caught without their
undergarments, these young
women see no harm in their
braless activities. And it seems as
if many share the same ideas, if
they’re comfortable let them be.
“I’ve done it to go out in Miami,
and I feel like Amy Adams in
‘American Hustle,” said Erica, a
senior. “Fabulous.”
“The only time I enjoy being
bra-less is in a jacuzzi, with lots
of bubbles,” explained Caroline,
Erica’s friend and fellow senior.
As for a male’s opinion on the
subject, Connor Sexton could
honestly care less about what’s
under her clothes. He just wants
them comfortable, although he
doesn’t see how “no underwear”
and comfort coincide.
So if your bra is offering
more discomfort than support
go ahead and free your bosom
– just cover your areola. For
women venturing into the world
of freedom, Women’s Health
Magazine suggests bandeau bras,
pasties, adhesives or anything that
will cover your nipples (a lack of
support doesn’t mean you get to
tell everyone how cold you are).
Avoid silk and other
lightweight fabrics; make sure that
you’re braless in the appropriate
scenarios (i.e. don’t go to an
interview without a bra). Opt for
clothes that allow you to tie the
tops yourself, such as halter tops
or tank tops with built in bras.
Just remember that unless you’re
Beyoncé, undergarments are
recommended for your see-thru

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