Netflix’s ‘Abstract’ shows unique perspective on creativity

Netflix’s newest original documentary series “Abstract” was released Feb. 10.

“Abstract” is an eight-episode series that focuses on the human elements of creativity, including illustrators, shoe designers, architects and many more forms of art.

The show follows these visionaries through their creative processes and takes a look at how they unleash the inner-workings of their mind and how they bring them into the tangible world.

“Abstract” aims to increase the appreciation people have for the everyday objects around them — showing the viewer the intent behind the objects and the interesting decision-making that goes into the development of the objects.

This documentary is giving a human face to the objects that are used every day, such as shoes, websites, buildings and television. One of the creators featured in “Abstract” is Tinker Hatfield, the creative mind behind the design of Nike’s shoes. Hatfield has been working on designing shoes for Nike since 1985 and worked with FGCU student Matthew Walzer on the Nike Flyease, designed specifically for those that can’t tie their shoes on their own.

Bringing a human component heavily into the show, it collects the beauty that’s behind the making of such things. It breaks down interesting concepts, such as why objects are shaped or designed in a certain way, from buildings to art pieces in museums.

Explaining the process of how people find things attractive contributes to the makers’ decision-making significantly.

Being a show about creativity, it goes without saying that the videography needs to be in line with the main themes of the show — being original, unique and captivating.

“Abstract” is successful in all those things — giving a very artistic perspective, using unique camera angles and filming techniques throughout the series.

All eight episodes are available now on Netflix. Anyone interested in how things are made or work should definitely give “Abstract” a try.