FGCU student arrested for aggravated battery and stalking


(EN Photo / Matt Ricci)

FGCU arrest
(Photo courtesy of Lee Country Sheriff’s Office)

Update: The state attorney’s office did not continue with its case against the former student at the request of the ex-girlfriend.

UPD arrested and charged FGCU international student Sofiene Azabou with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and stalking on Sunday, Feb. 19.
According to the arrest report, Azabou and the victim began dating in early January and after a week; the relationship quickly became mentally and physically abusive.
One night, after asking the victim about her dating history, Azabou became extremely angry and left to go out drinking, demanding his ex-girlfriend to stay in the dorm.
When he returned, Azabou was intoxicated and grabbed a BB gun off of the counter and pointed it at the victims’ head and pulled the trigger, not knowing if it was loaded or not. According to the report, the BB gun did not harm the victim.
Shortly after this incident, the victim ended her relationship with Azabou.
Based off of the report, the international student from Tunisia began stalking the victim by showing up at her home and workplace unannounced.
According to the arrest report, the victim no longer felt safe in her dorm so she contacted the Title IX office and later notified UPD.
Azabou received a Notice of Interim Suspension, which means that a student cannot attend classes and must leave university property and remain off university property until an interim suspension review hearing is conducted.
Timothy Gjini, FGCU’s associate director of international services stated that he plans on contacting the U.S. State Department about Azabou’s arrest, according to the report.
Azabou is still in custody at the time of publication and he is scheduled for trial on March 20.