Senate introduces memorial resolutions to commemorate students who passed


(EN Photo / Nathan Pigott)

FGCU’s Student Government senate meeting took on a somber tone on Tuesday, March 14 as senators introduced nine Memorial Resolutions to honor students who have passed this school year.

The memorial resolutions pay respects to Paulina Derengowski, Ryan Wendler, Alejandro “Alex” Diaz, Sebastian George Ramos, Nadia Anderson, Ian Davis, Rebeca Olivera, Michael Bizub and Kaaren Toutant.

Senate President Jason Finan said the memorial resolutions commemorate the students by displaying papers across campus describing individuals by name, date of birth and date of passing.

According to Finan, the resolution honors those students who have passed within the last year.

“For the past years that I have been in senate this is something that is always done as a senate,” Student Body Vice President, Emmalyn Green said. “They’ve [senate] come together to honor students who have passed away. It’s not just our administration.”

Olivera, the sister of Senator Paul Olivera, passed away on Sept. 5 in Monterrey, Mexico.

In honor of his sister, Paul established the Rebeca Olivera Memorial Scholarship Endowed Fund by raising over $17,000 with the help of others.

“I can tell you she was the biggest inspiration I’ve had and I’ll probably have for the rest of my life,” Paul said. “She inspires me every day to be positive, and I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for her.”