Campus voice

Student responses vary to the Genocide Awareness Project’s controversial displays

Kaley Dietric, junior Volunteers with VOX Planned Parenthood
“It’s not correct comparison at all to compare it to the Holocaust and to the suffering of autonomous beings. VOX feels that this is something that should be turned inward for students to be able to choose whether they see it or not..
…They have a right to be here. Yes, it is extremely graphic, unfortunately… Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should and doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. We’re all adults here, and it’s not adult to resort to these tactics, to scaring students to staying home. They can preach and do whatever they want, just like we’re allowed to be here, but we [VOX] are mature enough to not resort to graphics images and making ridiculous comparisons.”
Vanessa Span (left) Devorah Gilman (right) Volunteers with the Center for Bio- Ethical Reform
Gilman: “We believe that injustice that is invisible inevitably remains tolerable, but injustice that is made visible inevitable becomes intolerable. So we believe that Martin Luther King Jr. or the abolitionists of the slave trade showed the victims of the injustice to the public, so that they had to deal with the issue – they had to actually respond. We’re doing the same, and we’re showing the injustice of abortion and how it decapitates and dismembers and disvalues the very youngest of the humankind, and we’re showing that to the public so that there will be a response. That people will see what happens. That injustice won’t remain tolerable.”
Jonathan Pauyo, who did not want to be photographed, said “They need to open their minds up to the idea that not everyone thinks like them and to try not to limit other people’s choices by saying one thing is right and another is wrong.
Circumstances for everyone are different, including the choice to have an abortion. It’s absolutely not comparable to genocide. Genocide is about people who have already had a life and earned the right to not be harmed as a natural right based on social contract laws.
The fetuses haven’t been born yet. They’re not a citizen of the world, yet. So it’s not the same thing. They are using faulty analogies to try and compare completely unrelated things.”