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President Trump’s international offensives hurt Americans

The recent attacks by the United States might just work in favor of the Trump administration as the recent attacks on Syria might benefit the White House.

These attacks have angered Russia and provoked North Korea, but the view of the attacks in the United States are a little more positive as the attacks have once again alienated Russia.

Calls in the U.S. for Donald Trump to be more hostile toward Russia have finally been heard, as using 59 Tomahawk missiles to attack Bashar al-Assad’s  airbase in Syria made the Russians irate.

President Trump claimed this attack was done in retribution for the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun, in which Assad’s forces used sarin in an attack on civilians, many of whom were children.

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Trump’s outrage at this attack, and his following retribution, angered both the Russians and Assad.

This has benefited the Trump administration because it released a lot of tension in Congress about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian benefactors.

These Russian ties have sparked outrage and hatred toward Russia not seen since the Cold War.

This outrage is the result of accusations that Trump’s people collaborated with the Russian government to win the election in November against rival Sec. Hillary Clinton by releasing hacked emails from her campaign manager John Podesta.

The goal of the attack has become murkier as time passes, as it originally was perceived to have been done in order to retaliate against Assad, but it is now being considered a warning to North Korea, Iran and Russia as well.

Trump has repeatedly bashed North Korea’s nuclear program and Kim Jong-Un, while also claiming that Iran was using the U.S. and the nuclear agreement made under the Obama administration to make their own nuclear weapons and go against the wishes of the West.

It is also under speculation that Trump’s provocation of Russia is not as meaningful as some have made it out to be.

By angering Russia, Trump has taken the focus off of domestic accusations against Russia.

It is important to remember that these accusations still exist, and that there is a good chance that Russian agents did interfere with the November presidential election.

This interference in the American process of democracy is essentially dropping a hydrogen bomb on the most basic American ideals.

The world needs to prepare for another Cold War if Russia is trying to interfere with democracy at its most basic principles, and the U.S. must take action against those responsible for meddling in the election, whether these threats are foreign or domestic.

While Trump now has to balance a difficult situation with Russia, the world is on the brink of a Cold War.

The importance of retaliation to speak up for children harmed in Syria may have eased the minds of Congressional “War Hawks” and their constituents, but it has thrown stability to the wind and opens up the door for war on many fronts, which begs the question: Was speaking up for innocent Syrian children worth the risk of a new World War?

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