Police Beat: Plan B, turtle rescue, and ghost party

Turtle Rescue

On Sept. 28, a UPD officer was notified about a turtle that had possibly been hit by a car on FGCU Boulevard. The officer found the turtle and then took it to a 24-hour veterinarian/rehabilitation center on Daniels Road.

Game. Set. Crash.

 A complainant called UPD on Sept. 28 to report that her car had been damaged while parked in the parking lot by the tennis courts. Someone left a note on the complainant’s car and the UPD officer issued the complainant a self report

The Fast and the Sovi-ous 

On Sept. 29, UPD was notified that a white Cadillac and blue Mustang raced out of South Village and headed toward FGCU Boulevard. A UPD officer could not see which direction the cars turned and was unable to locate either vehicle.

Plan (Garage) B

A complainant reported to UPD on Sept. 29 that her vehicle had been struck on the fifth floor of Garage B in South Village. The complainant said that the car must have been struck sometime between 11 p.m. Sept. 28 and 2 p.m. Sept. 29. After
checking security cameras from the garage, UPD was unable to find the other vehicle. The complainant then said that she was unsure whether the crash had happened on or off campus.

Ghost Party

On Sept. 29, UPD received a complaint about loud music coming from Garage B. When an officer went to check, there was no one in the garage and no music to be heard. Garages 2 and 4 were both canvased with no results.