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Pumpkin spice up your life with these easy DIY’s

We all know the traditional fall drink. Starbucks suddenly feels a little more crowded, and it’s like people suddenly rose from the ground at the mention of its name. Every store that sells coffee probably has some sort of variation of it, and you already know what I’m talking about. You guessed it – it’s the pumpkin spice latte.
I’m about to show you the best way to get that same pumpkin spice experience without having to pay too much money out of your own pocket, and you might just gain some friends from sharing these tasty treats.
The pumpkin spice latte, or PSL as it’s called at Starbucks, can sometimes be a little too pricey for everyday enjoyment. However, I’ve got you covered on that. For this recipe, you will need 2 cups of 2 percent milk, 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree, 1-3 tablespoons of sugar for sweetness, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 half teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, 1 half cup of strong coffee, and some whipped cream if you’d like (and who wouldn’t?).
You’re going to add milk, pumpkin puree, and sugar to a saucepan over medium heat. Or if you don’t have a stove, a microwave works just fine. Simply make sure to put it on medium power and check it every 30 seconds. Heat it until it’s hot, but it’s very important that it doesn’t begin to boil.
Once it’s hot, remove the saucepan and whisk in vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and your strong coffee. The recipe makes 2 servings, so you can either save some for later or make it for your roommate. Make sure to top your delicious creation with some whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices. I personally prefer cinnamon.
French toast is also a really wonderful little add-on to your breakfast. If you want to go all out, I’d definitely suggest this dish to accompany your pumpkin spice latte. You can actually make pumpkin spice French toast, and it’s really not hard to make either.
What you’ll need is 1 cup of milk, 4 beaten eggs, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice, 1 half teaspoon of vanilla, 1 loaf of Texas Toast (or a thick bread like a brioche), powdered sugar, and maple syrup.
To start, combine the milk, sugar, eggs, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla into a bowl and stir. You are then going to dip the slices of bread into the mixture, then cook them in a pan over medium heat. Make sure you put some butter or oil on the pan to make sure that the toast doesn’t stick. Once that’s finished, top with powdered sugar and maple syrup.
Maybe you aren’t in the mood for a latte and breakfast, but you still want to make your room or dorm smell like a pumpkin spice latte. What you’ll need are a few essential oils, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamon, ginger, and orange. You’ll also need water and a spray bottle.
Use 8 ounces of water and 20 drops of cinnamon oil; 15 drops of nutmeg, ginger, and clove oil; 10 drops of orange oil; and 5 drops of cardamom oil. Combine those together in a spray bottle and shake before use.
The last thing I’ll share with you is a body scrub. Body scrubs are really nice, and they are really good at making sure that your skin feels smooth and you smell great. I have a pumpkin spice one for you to try! Combine 1 cup of sugar, 1 quarter cup of coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla and you should be good.
Enjoy this fall season with all its pumpkin goodness, and get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather that we have in Florida with these fun treats for yourself or your friends. Happy pumpkin creating!
Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe:
Pumpkin Spice French Toast Recipe:
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