Mixing patterns done right

With the ever-so-changing weather that we have been experiencing here in Southwest Florida, the only thing that we can depend on to help us get through this tough spring/winter/summer weather (whichever Florida feels like having that day) is our clothes.
An outfi t can say a lot about an individual, our mood, personality and the amount of time we spent getting ready and putting together our ensemble for the day. All are benefactors of personal style. Bold colors, pattern mixing and accessories are easy ways to spice up and make your personal style stand out. Before, there were so many reasons to make sure every part of an outfi t matched perfectly, but the trend nowadays is to step outside the box and run with the different patterns and colors that don’t necessarily go together but somehow complement each other.
Our fellow Eagle Sacha Lyons, a sophomore double majoring in forensics and criminal justice, shows us her way of mixing patterns, looking good and staying true to her personal style, which she describes as evolving day to day. Lyons said that she doesn’t like to be too “matchy matchy” and mixing patterns are the best way she feels she can captivate her style and mood, which she takes into consideration when getting dressed for the day. Stay on the lookout for Sacha and her amazing style on campus, and don’t forget you don’t have to be too matchy-matchy; take that risk and put those two or more different patterns together (don’t go overboard, though). Just run with it, and use the tools of your personal style to make it your own.